New York Public Library Digital Collections

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NYPL (New York Public Library) digital collections is a online collection of digitized material like photos, maps, prints, videos, etc. available on the New York Public Library website. The New York Library just recently made these high-resolution digital contents available on the digital collections website. The digital collections contains around 180,000 items.

As these items are in public domain, they can be used free by teachers, students, researchers, etc. The digitized data can also be downloaded in the highest resolution from the digital collections website. Content available here is all under public domain and not copyrighted, so it can be reused by teachers for making a quiz, or by students to complete a research project.

nypl digital collection home

On the home page of the website you can view the recently digitized items, collections, public domain picks, collection about New York city, fashion collection, nature collection, etc. There is also a search box given at the top of the page. In case you are looking for something specific, then you can just put in the keywords in the search box and then search for items, collections or divisions.

Reuse of digital content:

Reuse of the digital content has been termed as a remix by the website. A few examples of which are also given on the website, which have been created by people at the New York Public Library. Given access of this digital content to public can help create many such remixes.

An example of a remix can be seen on the website and on the screenshot below.

nypl digital collection remix

Here a visual has been created using thumbnails of digitized items from the public domain. This visual gives you the option to sort it by century, by collection, by genre and even by color. When you hover your mouse over a thumbnail, a visual will come up with a small description.

These visuals you hover over can easily be downloaded in high-resolution in a few clicks. More such remixes can be checked out, like the 5th Avenue, then & now, Navigating the Green books, etc.


Having so much data available for public that too with out any restrictions can help a number of people who research for information. You can also download this data in high-resolution for using in your own work. This could be much helpful to teachers while taking a class, for students when researching for a project, for researchers, for artists, for public in general. Do go through this website and check out if you can find something you have been looking for.

Check out NYPL Digital Collections here.

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