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Movie Mistakes is a fun website if you are a movie buff and like to know if there were any mistakes made on part of the director or the crew. I always try to read about a movie I watched. When I stumbled to this website, I was amazed that awesome blockbuster movies also had mistakes in them. And after reading the mistakes, no doubt I had to watch them again to notice them. Finding this great site made me realize that how little do we notice the finer details in the movies, which other people do. They must be crazy fans of the movies to notice such itty bitty things.

When you land on the website you will see a page like seen in the screenshot below.

movie mistakes homeoage

At the top of the page you will find a search box, where you can straight away type the name of the movie and search for it instead of going through the whole website. If there were any mistakes in the movie and the same are listed on this website, you will find it in no time. Apart from movies the website also lists popular TV show mistakes.

If you go through the navigation menu at the top of the website, you will find options like Top Pages, Popular, Mistakes, Blog, other area and site info.

movie mistakes most popular tv shows

Top Pages: This menu lists the best mistakes, best pictures, most movie mistakes, most movie mistakes for 2015, recent updates and submit something. In the submit something option, you get to submit a mistake that you noticed in the movie. Just search for the movie, if its already listed on the website, then check out what you want to submit is already not there. If not then go ahead and select the movie and click on add entry. If you want to be credited for your entry then you would be required to sign in and create an account for making the submission.

movie mistakes submit entry

Popular: As expected, the popular menu contains the most popular TV show and movie mistakes. When you click on either TV shows or movies you will be shown a long list of the listed TV shows or movies. Under the name of each will be buttons for mistakes, pictures, trivia, quotes, questions, etc.

movie mistakes example

Mistakes: Has the best mistakes made in movies, TV, etc. Just go through the list one by one or you can search for your favorite one.

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I absolutely enjoyed going through this website and finding out all the mistakes that were made in the movies that I love. Now I have a place to come to when I watch a new movie, just to check out if there were any goof ups.

Check out Movie Mistakes here.

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