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This post covers a free web app to get AI-based book suggestions from Reddit threads. Sharing suggestions is quite common among enthusiasts as well as occasional readers. But not everyone has matching tastes. Sometimes you like a book suggested by someone. Sometimes you find it boring and not at all what you have expected. One solution to this is doing some research on the book before starting to invest time in it. However, this can ruin the storyline and tone down the excitement.

Claros is a free AI-based suggestions web app. It is a great fit for the above situation. Claros provides hyper-specific book suggestions where you can simply type what type of book you want to read. You can be extremely specific about the genre, theme, number of characters, character arc, storytelling, narration, etc. The app uses a custom GPT model trained on Reddit threads. It scrapes the web and finds you the matching books to read.

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How it works?

Claros uses GPT and Reddit threads for book suggestions. It has a custom GPT with an internal book recommendation knowledge base. When asked for a suggestion, the GPT operates a browser to search recommendations and read Reddit threads. It extracts the relevant recommendations and looks for online stores for the book. Then it provides suggestions along with the store links to buy the books.

How to get book suggestions using Claros?

To get book suggestions using Claros, simply type what type of book you want. Be as specific as you want to be to get the better suggestions. Then submit your input by clicking on the arrow icon on the right and wait a few seconds.

The app reverts with matching book suggestions. It has an “Our Pick” section at the top that shows the best matching book to your query. This section provides brief information about the book and its edition. On the left side, it has a book link with an image preview, price, and rating. You can click on the book image to visit the respective store.

Along with “Our Pick”, the app also gives two more suggestions under the “Other Options” section. This section only shows the book cover, name, and price. Clicking on a book takes you to the respective platform where you can buy it.

Hyper-Specific Suggestions

If you still are not convinced with the book suggestion, you can further tune the recommendation. The app also includes a “Things to Consider” section where it has a handful of questions to further refine the suggestions. You can pick a question and reply to that with your answer. You can pick from one of the two options or type your own answer. If the listed questions are not relevant enough, you can just write down what’s on your mind and get more specific book suggestions based on that.

Give it a try here.

Closing Comments

In a world where book recommendations can sometimes miss the mark, Claros can provide tailored suggestions to one’s liking. With a custom GPT knowledge base and Reddit comments, it ensures hyper-specificity in book choices. No longer do readers need to rely solely on general advice; now, they can input their exact preferences, from genre to storytelling style, and receive precise matches.

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