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Block Posters is a free online service that helps you to create posters online (wall posters or a wall art) from images stored on your PC. With Block Posters, you can easily convert a small size image (jpg and gif only) into a large wall poster. If you wish to prepare a huge wall poster of your desired image, then Block Posters can be a reliable and good choice for you. Reason is that you don’t need to install any software for this, and secondly Block Posters is a three-step process only.

With Block Posters, you can easily slice an image into sheets that you can print with your printer. This way, you can prepare a wall poster for yourself and can make stand alone wall into a beautiful & meaningful one. Although sliced images can look a bit different from the original image, as it is possible that printed images may lose quality, but it will look good when it will be on wall as a poster.

See below how you can create posters online with Block Posters.

Block Posters 01 create posters online

How To Create Posters Online With Block Posters?

Block Posters is a free service that even doesn’t require any sign up process. As I said above, you only need to perform three steps: upload a desired image (not more than 1 mb in size) from your computer, slice it according to your need, and download pdf file of images after conversion. See how simple it is. After accessing Block Posters website, you can do it yourself easily. What’s even good in Block Posters is that it will give you an idea about how long your poster will become after providing the slices of image. As you could see in the screenshot above, you can make an image either Portrait or Landscape and can adjust its pages wide maximum 10.

All it matters in converting an image is its slices. Adjust slices of sheet according to your requirement and proceed for the final step of. downloading your pdf file that contains all the images. After this, print all those images and get ready to paste them on your wall or on any desired place :).

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Some Key Features of Block Posters:

  • Easily helps to convert an image for building a huge poster.
  • Three steps process for getting poster of desired image.
  • No sign up is required.
  • Gives an idea about how long a poster will become.
  • Completely free service for everyone.

Block Posters can be a suitable service for you if you like to make a poster of an image that is near to your heart (like your own photo). So anytime you want to try, you can use Block Posters to create posters online for free.

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