Create Digital Business Card Online with Email Signature for Free

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This article covers a website to create a digital business card online with an email signature for free. Business cards are essentials for any business as well as professional individuals. Since the beginning, business cards have been the same that you have to carry everywhere with you. In the modern era, a digital business card can give some significant advantages over the traditional business card.

Linkcard is a service where you can create your digital business card. This service allows you to design your own business card and add the desired details accordingly. The advantage it gives you over the traditional card is that you can update it whenever you want. The update will be reflected to everyone who accesses your digital business card online. It also makes it easy to scan and save the contact to address book.

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Create Digital Business Card Online for Free

It is easy to create a digital business card with Linkcard. As a free user, you can create 1 card for free and then subscribe to a paid plan if you want more. The paid subscriptions bring more features such as card analytics that lets you track how many people have viewed your digital business card.

online digital business card

To create a digital business card, create a free account on Linkcard. When you sign in to your account, it takes you a step by step process guiding you to design your card. It starts with templates, You can pick a template of your choice and then follow the next steps to add information to your card.

design digital business card

After the initial steps, you get to the editor. If you followed all the steps, your card might be mostly complete by the time you make it to the editor. But the editor gives you more versatile in terms of content and design. From the Content section, you can add your contact details along with a bio and link to share. Whereas, from the Design section, you can change the template and customize various design aspects as per your likings.

digital business card and email signatrue

Once done, you can activate your card from the dashboard. The dashboard also shows you analytics and other options but those are for paid subscribers only. You can click on your card to get a list of options. This includes an email signature where you can create a digital signature along with your business card and use it in your personal mailboxes. It also has a “Website” section where you can get code to embed the card on a webpage.

Create Digital Business Card Online for free

This is how the digital business card looks when ready. The card is available on a unique URL with custom alias on Linkcard domain. It has a QR code and Download option. People can scan the QR code to add yours to their contact. Or, they can download your details as a .vcf file and use that for safekeeping or add a contact.

Closing Words

This way, you can create a digital business card and share it via the link or QR code with others. By having a digital card, you no longer have to carry a bulky bundle of your business cards along with you. Instead, you can either share the URL to your card or use your mobile to show the QR code. Try it yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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