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Quoty is a nice, fun website where you can add your friends name in quotes by famous people. The website has a good collection of quotes, all you have to do is enter the name of your friend and the website creates a page for you with quotes about your friend. The website can be used as a surprise for your friend or even for someone feeling gloomy, just to cheer them up.

The website is quite easy to follow. Just enter the name and photo of your friend. A surprise page will be created and you can share that page by the link you will be given. The surprise page will contain quotes by famous people with your friend’s name included in that.

Let’s see how this website works.

First of all visit the home page of Quoty, which can be seen in the screenshot above. The link to the website can be found at the end of this article. On the home page of the website, you will see an example of the type of page that will be created on the right side. On the left side bottom you will see a link to check out an example before you try out the website.

Once you are ready you can start with putting in the name of your friend in the first box provided. In the second box, which says friend’s photo, you can click the browse button and select a photo of your friend from your device. Once you have selected a photo, click the create a surprise page button. As soon as you do that, the website will start processing the surprise page for your friend. The processing only takes a few seconds.

Once the processing is complete you will be given a link which you can share with your friend. This can be seen in the screenshot above. You can copy this link by pressing the copy button. Once copied you can send it through various mediums to your friend. You can also click the open button, to check out how the surprise page of your friend looks.

The surprise page created will start of by greeting your friend by his/her name. Then it will move on to showing them quotes by famous people about them. This can be seen in the screenshot above. As you can see your friend’s name would be inserted in to a famous quote. This can easily bring a smile to your friends face.

A gif can be seen above, which includes the whole process of making a surprise page for your friend. The quotes keep on changing after a few seconds, or if you click on the text then also it will bring up a new quote. The page plays a total number of 10 quotes.

If you like the page, you can then send the link to your friend. You can also start over and create a new page by clicking the given option.


Quoty is a nice website to cheer up your friends by making a surprise page for them, which will contain a photo of them and a famous quote about them. I found the website quite fun and easy to use. I think if the website allowed you to add multiple pictures of your friend, then it would have been much better. But still this website can bring a smile to anyone’s face. So try it out.

Check out Quoty here.

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