5 Free Websites To Learn Spellings

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Here are 5 free Websites to learn spellings online for those who want to become a master in their English spellings and vocabulary. These websites help you learn spellings, take spelling tests, let you check spelling, play spelling games, basically a complete English tool.

These websites can be accessed by parents who are concerned about their children’s English spellings and vocabulary, and people who want to improve their spelling skills. Of course it isn’t a one day episode, you need to visit these websites recurringly in order to improve your proficiency in spellings. Lets get into details of each Spelling website.

Spelling Hemscott

Spelling Hemscott is one of the most popular websites that helps you to learn spellings online. This free complete English tool comes up with various topics such as Spelling topics, word games, consonant blends, and much more. Under each topic, there are many sub-topics to help you get satisfaction in each main topic.


In addition, this website for English spelling also helps you to deal with spelling related problems, thereby helping you to become a better English speller. There is a good collection of free printable worksheets consisting of a complete lesson to help you test and learn spelling skills.

One feature I really liked about the website is that it provides a separate section for spelling games, word puzzle and English quizzes that will stimulate you to challenge your spelling skills. Go ahead and practice spelling..!

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Spellzone is another website that helps you to learn English spellings for free. This free website is basically designed for teenagers and adults to help them improve English spelling skills.


Some Key Features of Spellzone:

  • Covers all English spelling rules.
  • Check spelling, take spelling tests, play spelling games
  • Results can be seen immediately
  • Availability of spelling Dictionary

In addition, a separate column has been given to help you check the difference between British English spelling and American English spelling. This website is a must for people who want to improve their English Spelling skills. Go ahead and learn Spelling.

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ZOZANGA.COM is yet another excellent website that helps you learn and practice spellings online. The website has a separate column that tells you how to improve spelling, helps you to learn Silent letters, Prefixes & Suffixes, Word Endings, and much more.


Apart from helping you learn spelling, this one contains everything related to English such as English Learning tips, Reading skills, improve vocabulary, improve listening skills and free grammar lessons, just a complete English tool. A must for those who want to improve their English spelling skills and also other sections. Go ahead and logon to improve you English skills..!

Learn That Word

Learn That Word is one more powerful website that enables you to learn Spelling online. The very purpose of the website is to help spelling learners develop their spelling skills they need to pursue their goals with confidence.


In order to get started with this website, you need to register yourself with Learn That Word. To register, click on “Start” button given at the top right-side of the page. Submit your required credentials and select a reason to join the website. Once you have registered yourself, you can access various facilities for free such as English quiz, Practice Words and more. Go ahead and give it a trial..Its amazing..!


Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least website to learn spelling online, Spelling-Words-Well. This free website lets you learn spelling a word, play spelling word games, read spelling lessons, do spelling worksheets, basically helps you to become a spelling bee champion.


In addition, the website also brings you resources for Spelling Bee such as Spelling Bee words, Difficult English words, Correct Spelling Tips and more. There is a separate column that gives you Grade wise spelling practice and spelling worksheets. For example: 1st Grade students can learn or practice spelling by clicking on 1st Grade Spelling or 1st Grade Worksheets respectively and the like.

Spelling-Words-Well is designed for all spelling learners since it gives everything related to English spelling. Go ahead and become a Spelling Bee master..!

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