5 Free Websites To Learn English Online

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Here are 5 free websites to learn English online. With the increasing usage of English language, more and more people are leaning towards learning English. Of course, because they want to hold out in this fastest stretching western world. These websites will help you learn English Grammar, improve writing skills, learn spoken English, basically help you stand out in a well-educated crowd. Of course, learning English isn’t a one day process. You need to visit these websites recurringly in order to become a master in English Language. Lets get into details of each English learning website.

Learn English Online

Learn English Online is one of the most popular websites that helps you to learn English online. This free website to learn English language contains 11 Units having 5 lessons in each unit such as Present Simple Tense, Telling the time to the minute, Simple Past, Prepositions and so on.


In addition, Learn English Online is enriched with Videos to learn English greetings, introductions, farewells and the like. You can watch these videos in order to learn greetings, farewells and so on. The website also gives you Instructions to get started with learning English. Go ahead and learn English.

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Learn English

Learn English is another popular website that helps you learn English online. This free website for learning English serves up a wealth of resources to help you learn English free online. Right from basics of English, to spelling, to grammar, to pronunciation, just everything.


In addition, this free English learning website also helps you to learn English in rather fun way by providing various activities such as games, English tests, English Language quizzes. There is an extensive vocabulary section to improve vocabulary. Go ahead and learn English while having fun.


1-language is yet another powerful website to let you learn advanced English language. This free website to learn advance English comes up with free American English Audio Course, Free English Course, and much more.


In addition, this English learning website also lets you learn English in a rather entertaining way. You can play Flash games, take Grammar quizzes, word search, English idioms, Essay writing and the like. This website is a must for people who want to improve their English skills. Go ahead and learn advance English.

British Council

British Council is one more powerful website to learn English online. This free English learning website helps you with learning whole grammar & improve vocabulary. In addition, you can also play games, read jokes related to English language.


One feature of British Council that truly made me to add it in my article is that this website lets you listen & watch short story episodes in English. Watching these short story videos in English would definitely help you improve your English Speaking skills. The website also suggests you to do the vocabulary activity given just below the video before you listen. This will help you understand the story better.

In order to get started with this website, you need to register yourself with the website. Once you have registered yourself, you can learn complete English Grammar, watch English videos, play English games and much more. Go ahead and quickly register yourself…its amazing!

Talk English

Ending my short post with this last but of course not the least website to learn English online, Talk English. This website is a bit different from others in the sense that it helps you with Spoken English skills. The very purpose of the website is to help you with learning Spoken English so that you can talk in English very fluently.


Talk English comes up with various English lessons such as English Speaking basics, Business English lessons, Interview English lessons, English Listening lessons, Idioms & Phrases and many more. We can not deny the fact that mastering listening, speaking, and reading makes us a fluent English speaker. The website has structured English lessons in such a manner that it lets you practice all the three sections simultaneously. A must for all those whose primary language is not English.

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