Super Fun Bible Games for Kids Online: 5 Free Websites

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In this article, you will read about super fun bible games for kids. Here, I’m going to cover 5 free websites that offer you to play ultimate games. Playing these bible games, children will take more interest in the Bible. Because there are interesting concepts of playing games like puzzles, mazes, etc. These online games are based on the characters, events, books of the bible.

Children are good at catching new activities. Playing these online bible games, children can memorize the bible for long. The activities and games are based on the bible. It includes games like books of the bible, truth contest, bible ball, bible jeopardy, saintly millionaire, bible millionaire, etc. You can find bible activities online to make bible study more fun.

Let’s find interesting bible games for kids to play.

Adventure Bible

play bible games online

Adventure Bible is a website where you can find bible games for kids. The website lets you do a number of activities like bible study, bible activities, i.e., word search, puzzles, reading plans, etc. You can also search for the verses available in the bible.

To play bible games, you can go to the Games section. There you will find games like books of the bible, truth contest, bible millionaire, leopard, etc. If you hover the mouse over any game, it displays what the game is all about. Each game instructs you before you start playing the game.

As shown in the image above, the books of the bible prompts you to arrange the order of books. Once you are done with one level, you can play other levels as well.

Thereafter, following all the game instructions, you can play bible games and win. The bible game helps children to remember characters of the bible and other events written in the bible.

play bible games online is another good website to find bible games for kids. This website lets you play games based on the different sections of the bible, i.e., old and new testaments. The interesting fact about this website is that it lets you play quizzes.

On this website, you can find super fun bible games. There are interesting games to play like bible ball, bible jeopardy, saintly millionaire, and bible trivia by category. You can play Bible trivia to test your bible knowledge as well.

Before starting the game, you can read instructions. Then, you can play and win bible games. Here, most of the games offer questions from the bible. Also, if you answer incorrectly then site provides you the correct answer along with the study material. It shows the verse from the bible so that you can understand the answer of the questions.

Bible Activities Zone

play bible games online

Bible Activities Zone can also be a good option to find super fun bible games for kids. The site offers a good range of bible games. These games are specifically for preschoolers. Here, you get to play matching games, puzzles games based on the characters, name, places in the bible.

The list of bible games include memory games, puzzle games, mazes, connect the dot, hangman, crossword, word games, and other fun games.

It is quite interesting to play as the game holds some cartoon images. Children will surely love this website to play games.

The Beginner’s Bible

play bible games online

The Beginner’s Bible is a website where you will find bible games for kids. On this website, you can find other activities like coloring pages, learn writing letters, matching, etc.

The games available on this website is for desktop computers. You can play games like a jigsaw puzzle, spot the difference, paint activity, and match game. Also, you can change your levels from easy to hard. These games can be played by kindergarten.

Bible Games

play bible games online

The website named Bible Games let you play different types of bible games. You can play these games on your mobile, desktop, tablets, etc.

When you visit the website, you will see a few games based on the bible. There are games like memory games, 3D games, hidden objects, bible mazes, etc. Children will love to play these bible games. Follow the instructions and enjoy bible games.

In brief

Bible games are helpful for kids as they get to learn about the bible. You can use these websites to make the bible more fun for your children. Play online games like puzzle, mazes, etc., which are based on bible characters and other events of the bible.

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