5 Search Engines Which Let You Donate Money by Searching

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Here is a list of 5 search engines which let you donate money by searching. We all use search engines in our day-to-day life for numerous purposes. If we want anything on Internet, we just turn to search engines for our help. But what if I tell you that you can also help bring a smile to someone’s face by doing same normal web search. If this interests you, then keep reading.

These 5 search engines in the list let you do the same. Just use these search engines for doing your day to day searches, and these browsers will donate a part of the earnings to charitable causes. All of these search engines have different causes for which you can donate so you can choose the search engine as per your choice.  So, let’s get started with the list.

1. Ecosia:


The first search engine in this list is Ecosia. This search engine has a minimal design with an Ecosia logo and a search box in the center. It donates at least 80% of their surplus income towards tree planting. In relation to it, the search engine displays a counter using which you can track the number of trees planting that you have contributed to by doing searches using the Ecosia.

As for search results, you can search for web, news, images, videos, and maps. It also comes with Adult Content Filter and Country selector to see country specific results. All the search results are powered by Yahoo hosted search. On the search results page, you can filter search results by past day, past week, past month, or anytime. Besides this, it also includes shortcuts for accessing Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Google, Google Images, Google Maps, Google Translate, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Clicking on these shortcuts will take you to that particular website, with results being displayed as per the query entered by you.

2. Goodsearch:


The second search engine in the list is Goodsearch. The search engine displays search results from Yahoo! and it donates about  a penny for each search done by you. The search engine has numerous good causes and you can choose any one of them to support. You can also change the cause anytime you want.For the searching part, you can use it do web, video, and image search. You can also filter search results by time: Antime, Past Day, Past Week, and Past Month.

Besides the search engine, the Goodsearch also has two more ways for donation: Goodshop and Goodshop mobile app. The Goodshop has more than 2,800 stores and it donates about a percentage of money spent by you with no additional cost towards you. The Goodshop app lets you do the shopping on the move which means you can support the cause on the move too.

3. Bene:


The next search engine which lets you support a good cause by simply doing searches is Bene. It works on the concept of crowd-sourcing for the donation purpose. This search engine is in an early-alpha stage as of now, so it has only 2 causes to choose from. It donates about $0.01 for each search done by you and you can check your donations from dashboard. On dashboard, it displays money donated by you and points earned by you.

As I said, this search engine is based on crowd-sourcing, so it also has an option which lets you invite your friends. When you have invited your friends, then it multiplies the impact and you can also track their donation progress from your dashboard.

4. Everyclick:


Next search engine in the list is Everyclick. As per their info, the Everyclick has 314,471 fundraisers as of now who have donated £5,293,391.28 as of now. For the charity part, the search engine has tie-up with more than 200,000 UK charities for support.  You can choose any charity as per your wish.

For the search results, the results are more UK weighted, and are powered by Yahoo. It also lets you search the whole eBay content directly from its search bar.

5. Sleedo:


Sleedo is the last search engine in the list to help a good cause by simply searching. The search engines donates 10 grains of rice for every search which you make using it. It is one of the minimalist search engines among all the ones included in the list. It only has a search bar, and is powered by Google Custom Search.  It means that all the search results are fetched from Google. So if you are a regular Google search user then you can switch over to Sleedo for getting similar web results, and still support a good cause.

Here I conclude my list of 5 free search engines that let you donate money as you search. Try all of them and start using the one which attracts you the most. You can also spread the word to engage more people to support the cause. If you know more such search engines which let users support a cause, then feel free to share them in comments section below.

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