Play Cars Trivia Quizzes Online With These 5 Websites

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In this article, I will cover 5 free websites to play Cars trivia quizzes online.

One of the leading vehicles in the automobile industry is the car. Millions of cars are sold every year with constantly increasing demand in the next year. With millions of cars on the road, its good to have some knowledge in this area.

These 5 websites featured here have many types of cars trivia that test your car knowledge and help you learn more. There are brand-specific trivia, trivia to guess the car model from a photo, trivia to guess car brands by their logos and many more. Some of these trivia also test your response speed where the faster you answer, more point you get. These trivia quizzes are really fun, entertaining and educational.

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Here Are 5 Online Cars Trivia Quiz Websites:

Zero To 60 Times

cars trivia

Zero To 60 Times is a free website where you can find 0-60 miles and quarter mile stats of popular cars. This website has a decent collection of cars trivia that you can play online. It covers 49 car brands from all around the world and each brand has its own individual trivia. Each trivia features 14 multiple choice questions. These questions cover various aspects of a brand from its early days to present. You have to answer every question in the given 30 seconds timeline to get the points. Faster you answer a question more point you get. At the end of the trivia, it gives you a score out of 420 based on your correct answers and speed. It also shows you detailed results along with all the correct answers.

You can try these cars trivia quizzes here.


free cars trivia

Grizly is a fun quiz website where you can test your knowledge. It features educational and other useful trivia quizzes. It has various car quizzes where you have to identify a car from a photo. Every car quiz on Grizly features 30 multiple choice questions. It shows you a photo of a car along with a hint and you have to choose that car’s name from the given options. The cars feature in these quizzes are mostly from the 70s and 80s. For every correct answer, you get 10 points which are added together to represent your final score at the end of the quiz.

Try these cars trivia quizzes here.

Trivia Plaza

online free cars trivia

Trivia Plaza is a trivia website with thousands of quizzes on various topics. It has these fun cars trivia quizzes where you have to guess model, brand or origin country from the given info. There are two series of quizzes that you will find here. One is where you have to guess the origin country of a car brand. And, in the second, you have to guess the correct car model produced by the given brand. There are total 11 quizzes, 3 in the first series and 8 in the second. Each quiz has 10 questions. For every correct answer, you get 1 point on your scorecard and for every wrong answer, you get zero. When you finish a quiz, all these points add up to be your final score. Your score represents the number of questions you answer correctly in that quiz.

Check out these cars trivia quizzes here.


play free cars trivia online

OffBeat is an entertainment-focused website full of quirky stuff. It also has different types of quizzes covering various topics. There is a car quiz where it asks users to name the car model from just a picture. This quiz features 44 questions where it shows you a picture of a car and you have to choose its model name from the given four options. Initially, it only shows you 12 questions, as you finish those another 12 questions are added to the quiz until you reach the last question. When you submit the quiz, it gives you a percentage score in the results.

Give this cars trivia quiz a try here.


free online free cars trivia

Sporcle is popular trivia entertainment website. It has a huge collection of online trivia submitted by users across the world. It has hundreds of cars-related trivia that you can play here. These hundreds of trivia involve all types of cars trivia quizzes. One trivia that I like the most is this “Car Logos” quiz where you have to guess the brand names by their logos. You have to complete guess the 42 logos within an 8 minutes timeline. While playing the quiz, if you don’t know any logo, you can simply skip it by clicking the “Next” button. At the end of the quiz, it gives you a percentage score that reflects your car logo knowledge. There are lots of other cars trivia that you can play here.

Here is a link to try this cars trivia quiz.

Closing Words

These are the 5 free websites where you can play cars trivia quizzes online. While being a good entertainment option, at the same time these quizzes help you improve your cars-related knowledge.

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