4 Online Family To Do List Maker Websites Free

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Here is a list of 4 free online family to do list maker websites. You and family members can create multiple lists, create to-dos or tasks in those lists, edit tasks, etc. This will help you all keep aware of the things that you and the family members need to do on daily basis or some other time.

All these online family to do list makers also come with many other features. For example, you can add tasks to important section, create sub-tasks, add notes to a task, task reminder, attach an image in a task, mark any task completed, take print of a list, and more.

Let’s check these free online family to do list makers one by one.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do (or To-Do) is one the best online options to create family to do list. I like its simple and beautiful interface where creating family to-do lists and adding tasks is super easy. It also lets you set color theme for a particular family to do list with any of the 5 pre-defined color themes. You can do a lot of other things like:

  • Use Search box to quickly find a particular task.
  • You can add steps in a task. This is very interesting when the task is complex. You can divide it into sub-tasks or steps and then complete it.
  • A separate My Day section is there where you will be able to add tasks that you have to complete today (or the present day).
  • Task reminder can also be set by you.
  • Family members can also assign tasks to each other.
  • Mark tasks that are important and access those tasks in Important section.
  • Hide all completed tasks.
  • Rearrange lists.
  • Add a file to a task.
  • Repeat any task daily, weekly, monthly, or set custom date and time to repeat the task.


Todoist- interface

Todoist is one of the popular websites to create and manage work related or personal to do lists. This is also a good platform to create family to do lists. You can create different projects or family to do lists and then add tasks to those lists. Family members or collaborators and you can easily create and edit tasks, set due date for a task, and mark tasks as completed. You can also assign a task to a family member and filter tasks by name, date, priority, etc.

It also provides other features which make it a handy family to do list maker. You can set a reminder for a task, archive a task, duplicate a task, and set priority flag or level for a task. Four different flags are available that you can add to a task based on the priority level.

This website also comes with the option to add comments to a task. This can be used to write something important related to a task and other members can also reply to comments. These features make it an awesome family to do list maker.


Any.do website

Any.do is another great option to create family to do list online. I like its neat and clean interface. It has three main sections. The left most section shows pre-added and new lists created by you. The middle section will show all the tasks that are added in a particular task. And the right section will show options for the selected task.

For each task, you can set a reminder, create sub-tasks, and insert notes. I also like its feature to add attachments (images from PC) to a task.

It also provides the option to share the whole list or a particular task to a family member. If you are looking for a very simple family to do list maker, then this website will definitely be useful.



Cozi is an all in one family to do list, family calendar, shopping list maker, family journal, and meal planner website. Here, you can create a free account with shared password and add your family members. Your family members can login with that password and his/her email address.

There is a separate To Do section on the left part that you can access and create a shared to do list. You and family members can add their items or tasks, mark them as completed, create a new list, organize lists, etc. It also include other useful features like:

  • Assign list to a particular family member.
  • Remove all completed tasks.
  • Clear all lists.
  • Permanently delete a list, and
  • Take print of the list.

There are other features like set reminders, view and import contacts, begin calendar search, use shopping mode, remember birthdays, etc., also available, but all those features are available in paid plan. The free plan is good enough for creating shared to do lists with family members.

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The Conclusion:

These are best and free online family to do list maker websites you can try. All these family to do list makers are good in providing the output. Still, the most favorite website for me here is “Microsoft To-Do“. I use it daily for testing purposes and personal use and it also works great as family to do list maker.

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