5 Online BMP To SVG File Converter Free Websites

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Here, I cover 5 online BMP to SVG file converter free websites. The process of using these sites is quite simple. You need to add an image from your Computer and then select the output file format (SVG). Thereafter, you can start converting the image and download in your PC.

Some of these sites let you convert audio, video, archive, document, etc., into different file formats whereas other sites let you convert images only. A few sites among these lets you convert images into file format like EPS, GIF, JPG, BMP, WBMP, SVG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, HDR, ICO, and WebP while others just provide JPG, SVG, PNG file formats. We have also covered 10 free JPG to SVG file converters.

Let’s go through each website.


This website named ONLINE-CONVERT.COM is a free BMP to SVG file converter.  You can convert media (Image, Document, Audio, Video, Ebook, Archive, and Webservice) into different file formats.

Convert BMP to SVG fiile

To convert BMP file to SVG, you can upload BMP file from your Computer or you can enter the image URL. This online converter lets you add the image from Dropbox and Google Drive.

When you upload the image in this converter, then click on Start conversion button. If you wish then you can use the optional settings option where you can change the image size, color, etc. After that, you can click on the Start conversion button in order to convert the image.

Once you upload the image, it gets downloaded in your PC.


Convertio (website) is a free BMP to SVG file converter. Using this site, you can convert Fonts, Audios, Images, Videos, Presentations, Documents, Archives, and Ebook into other file formats.

Convert BMP to SVG fiile

In order to convert BMP image into SVG  file format, you can select a BMP file from your Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive. You can also add image URL. The maximum file size is 100 MB. Also, you can add multiple files.

Once you upload a file into this online file converter, you can choose the output format (SVG). Then, you can click on Convert. Thereafter, you can download the converted file.


Convert BMP to SVG fiile

The website named FreeFileConvert is another BMP to SVG converter. You can add 5 files at the same time. Also, the maximum file size is up to 300 MB combined. To convert the BMP image, you can follow 3 simple steps which are as follow:

  • Choose a file from your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive or add image URL
  • Select output file format
  • Start converting the file

Once you’re done following these three steps, you can download the converted file.

Vector Magic

Vector Magic (Homepage) is a good website where you can convert BMP file to SVG. This online file converter lets you convert JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF into SVG, PDF, EPS vectors.

Convert BMP to SVG file.png

When you upload a file from your PC, this converter analyzes the file and vectorize in a few seconds. You can also add or remove colors of the original image.

Once you’re satisfied with the customization of a file, click on Download Result button on the top right. Then you will the see output file format name (SVG, EPS, PDF). You can click on SVG file format to download the image.

Free Online Converter

As the name suggests, this website is a good Free online converter. You can easily convert images into other files formats.

Convert BMP to SVG file

When you visit the website, you need to choose a file from your PC. This online SVG converter supports input file formats like BMP, PNG, JPG, etc. After choosing the file format, you can click on the Convert button. Thereafter, you will the original and converted file result in at the bottom of the converter. You can download the output image as well.

In brief

I personally like ONLINE-CONVERTER.COM. It is easy to use and supports various file formats. Also, you can upload the image file from Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or enter URL. You may try any of the above-mentioned free sites and convert images online.

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