7 Methods to Block Websites from Google Search

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Here is a list of methods to block websites from Google Search. Here I have added some browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to block a website from appearing in SERP. With these methods, you can block any site and then it will never appear in the search results unless you unblock it explicitly. The browser plugins I have added below come with some other features as well apart from just blocking sites from Google SERP. Also, some of them work with other search engines as well such as Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, Ecosia, etc. With some of the following browser extensions, you can even opt to temporarily block sites from search engine results.

If you want to hide some annoying sites from search engines then following tools will help you. You can even use these extension for safe browser in case you are about to hand over your Laptop or PC to your kids. Also, you can use these extension while doing some research and you can easily remove sites from SERP which are not relevant to you.

Block websites from search results

7 Methods to Block Websites from Google Search:

Block Websites from Google Search in Firefox:

Personal Blocklist

Personal Blocklist in action

Personal Blocklist is a Firefox extension that you can use to block websites/hosts from appearing in search results. It adds an option directly on the SERP to block a website in one click. After you block a site, it will never appear again in SERP as long as the add-on is installed. You can see all the sites that you have blocked so far on its interface. Also, you can later unblock a site and even edit its URL if you want to. The add-on is very simple and doesn’t require any sign up or registration in order to use it.

Get it directly from the Firefox add-ons page using the link I have given. Install it and then you are done. It will add an option on the SERP to block a site. Just click on that and then you will never see that site ever again. It keeps the list of all the sites you have blocked and then you can see them all on its interface. Click on its icon from Firefox toolbar and then either remove a website from the list or edit it. If you are interested in its code base, you can check out its source code as well.


SearchMage in action

SearchMage is another powerful add-on you can use to block websites from Google Search results. Apart from Google, it works with other search engines as well such as Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, and others. You can easily use it to block websites directly from search result pages.

There is an advanced interface to add URLs manually to block them on SERPs. It allows you to use regular expressions to create a pattern and it uses that to block sites from search results. Also, if you block a website in a specific search engine then you can do that.

You can use this add-on in the same way as other tools I have added here. After installing it, you will start seeing a cross icon on the search results page that you can use to block a site. You can keep blocking sites with this add-on in this way and remove them from the list by going in the add-on settings.

Highlight or Hide Search Engine Results

Highlight or Hide Search Engine Results

Highlight or Hide Search Engine Results is an interesting Firefox add-on to block websites from Google Search. This add-on allows you to hide a URL from search results, highlight it, or fade it. The completely hiding part is not working properly now but I assume that it will be fixed in a few days. Meanwhile, you can use the fade out option to fade out websites that you want. You can select a website from the search results and then make it fade out. It will create a rule and then it will automatically blur out or fade out the blocked URLs on the SERP. You can see the screenshot above to see how this works.

You simply install it from above and then search something. On the SERP, it adds a drop down and then you can find the option to hide the current website, highlight that in results, or fade out. Since, hiding feature is not working; you can go with the fade out option. Later, you can find the blocked URLs in the interface of the add-on using its toolbar icon. The best part is that, this add-on works with different search engines out there. You can use it to block URL on Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Qwant, Yandex, Ecosia, Startpage, and Yahoo.

Block Websites from Google Search in Chrome:


uBlacklist in action

uBlacklist is one of the best free Chrome extensions to block websites from Google Search. This is a pretty straightforward Chrome extension which you can use to block sites in Google Search Results. In just one click you can block a site and later unblock it. It offers you a simple interface where you can see the list of all the URL blocked by this extension. You can either use it to block URLs from SERP or you can use block a website by visiting it. Also, whenever you search for something, it lets you show the URLs that it has blocked on current page based on the older rules.

Install it from Chrome web store and then you can simply start using it. To block a website, you can use the SERP option that it adds. Or, you can click on its icon after visiting homepage of the websites you want to block. As long as it is installed in your browser, it will never blocked sites in SERP. However, you can see the blocked URLs on SERP using the “Show” link it adds on the SERP, next to the number of search items. To see blocked URLs or to remove, then you can go to extension settings and remove them from there.

Gossip Site Blocker

Gossip Site Blocker in action

Gossip Site Blocker is a simple and a powerful Chrome extension to block sites from appearing on SERPs. The best part about this extension is that you can use it to temporarily block a website. Otherwise, there is a hard mode in this extension to permanently block a site from appearing in search results. In addition to that, you can use to block specific website or you can use it to block any specific page of the website. It adds an option to block a site from the search engine results page and allows you to export and import URLs as well.

After you install this extension, you will start seeing an option to block a site in SERP. You can see the screenshot above to see how it works. Next, you just add the websites in the block list. When you are about to add a site in the block list, it asks if you want to block the entire domain or just current page. Also, you can specify a custom pattern as well. Later, you can go to the extension settings and see sites that you have blocked.

Search Blocklist

Search Blocklist

Search Blocklist is a simple extension that works in Google Chrome and helps you block sites from showing up in search results. It lets you block any site from appearing in search results and then you can unblock that easily as well. It adds an option on the Google and Baidu search results pages to block certain site. The sites you block using this Chrome extension are listed on its interface. And if you later decide to unblock those then you can easily do that. One good thing in this extension is the support for regular expressions. You can create a pattern using regex to block sites.

You can install this extension from above store URL and then start blocking sites easily. You can either block a site by adding its domain name in the exception list. Or, you can search for it and then block it from search results page. If you want to manually add sites to block then you can use regular expressions as well. To see all the sites you have blocked so far, click on its toolbar and icon. To remove a website, simply erase that from the “Exclude” section and save the changes.

Google Search Method to Block Websites from SERP:

Apart from using browser extensions and add-ons, you can use a built-in Google Search feature to block websites. very few people know this fact that Google Search has some built-in methods that you can use to customize search results. You can opt to see website indices, get results within specific date range and do much more. Luckily there is a specific syntax for the search queries to avoid some URLs in the search results. However, this method is not kind of permanent solution. You will have to use it every time when you want to search for something.

Syntax: SearchQuery -inurl:DomainToBlock

Example: r/ask -inurl:reddit.com

before after search results google built in

Above you can see the syntax of the search query you have to use in order to block specified site from SERP. Also, in the screenshot above, you can see how it works. Now, when you don’t want to use any external tool to block sites in Google search, this handy trick will be useful.

Final thoughts

These are the best methods which you can use right now to instantly block websites from Google Search results. Based on the browser you use, you can go with the corresponding extension or add-on. All the tools work in same manner but they come with certain other advantages that I have mentioned in their context. Based on the feature set, you can go with any tool and then block websites from appearing in Google Search results. Not only Google but some of them even work with other search engines as well.

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