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Here are 5 free software to uninstall software from your PC. Software generally have an uninstall option, but if you uninstall a software using the uninstall option sometimes it happens that it don’t get uninstalled properly. This leaves behind several registry files, folder structures and other settings files which makes your system slow. With the help of these uninstaller software, you can uninstall any program or software completely without leaving behind registry files, etc. Try these uninstaller software for free.


KUInstall is a free uninstaller software which allows you to uninstall software from your computer. This free software is a replacement for Windows add/remove programs in the Windows control panel. With the help of this free uninstaller, you can uninstall or remove programs efficiently and quickly. This free uninstaller removes any program in such a way that its leftover registry files are also removed. After uninstalling any software using this uninstaller, there’s no need to separately clean or remove leftover registry files.

Read more about KUInstall or try it out here.

Simnet Uninstaller

Simnet Uninstaller

Simnet Uninstaller is another free uninstaller software which lets you uninstall software. This free uninstaller removes or uninstalls any program completely from your system without leaving behind any unwanted registry files. This free software is also efficient enough to fix invalid installation entries. The interface is quite smart and user-friendly, so users can easily use this free software. Using this free software, you can uninstall unwanted programs from your computer to make your computer work faster.

Read more about Simnet Uninstaller or try it out here.

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Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller is a free uninstalling software by which you can remove or uninstall software that are unwanted. This free software completely uninstalls any program in a couple of seconds. This free uninstaller even detects and deletes the unused files that are left by Windows uninstaller. You can also perform batch uninstallation using this free uninstaller. This awesome uninstaller completely uninstalls a program without leaving behind any registry keys, desktop icons, etc.

Read more about Absolute Uninstaller or try it out here.



SlimComputer is a standalone free software which allows you to remove unwanted and pre-installed software from your new computer. When you buy a new computer, it comes with several pre-loaded software which are not useful. So with the help of this free software you can remove all the unwanted preloaded software from your new computer. You can even restore the programs, in case if you delete any software accidentally. Download SlimComputer for free.

Read more about SlimComputer or try it out here.

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JetClean is a free system cleaner which comes with an option to remove or uninstall software. This free software is basically a system cleaner to remove all junk files from your computer, but anyhow it also allows you to easily uninstall or remove unwanted software from your PC. This software is a fully packed software, as it offers several ways to enhance your computer performance. Download JetClean for free.

Read more about JetClean or make a try here.

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