5 Free Photo Pixel Editor Software for Windows to Edit Pixels in Images

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Here are 5 free photo pixel editor software for Windows. These software allow you to open an image and edit its pixels. You can edit the color of pixels, remove colors from the pixels, and even draw new shapes in pixels. Some of these pixel editor software can save an image as a PXL file and also you can edit those if you already have them. These software also support editing pixels of PNG, BMP and other rasterized images in an easy way. You will find some nice set of tools in these software to edit the pixels of images and photos.

If you want to edit your images and graphics in depth, then you can use these software. These software will help you explore your images at pixel level and then you can edit them. There are tools that you can use to color, un-color, erase, and draw new shapes on your image pixel wise. These software can also come in handy when you want to fix pointy defects in a photo.

Photo Pixel Editor Software for Windows

5 Free Photo Pixel Editor Software for Windows:


PIXEL photo pixel editor

PIXEL is on of the best free photo pixel editor software for Windows. This software allows you to create an image (pixel wise) and also it can use an already rasterized image for editing. It supports opening and editing of PXL files and you can also use PNG, JPG, BMP, and TIF images. It organizes the input image in the form of pixels. And you can adjust the image as you want. There are some basic editing tools available that you can use. You can use it to erase some pixels, color some pixels using color fill tool, and you can also draw on your image. Finally, you can either export the image as PXL file or you can also save it as PNG, JPG, and BMP, image etc.

Using PIXEL to edit pixels of your photos and images is pretty simple. Just load the target image in it and then start editing it using various tools. You will find tools in various sections of the software. If you have used some image editors before then you will easily handle this software. The tools are mostly identical, the only difference is that here you are editing the image on pixel level. You can explore each and every pixel on the image and easily edit it. You can change the color of various pixels and re-paint them once again. And finally when you are done, you can export the image to PXL, JPG,and PNG format.


PyxleOS pixel editor software

PyxleOS is another free software in my list which is simple and open-source photo pixel editor. This software supports basic functions to manipulate pixels on an image. It takes an image from you and then opens that in pixelated mode. You can then see all the pixels and then perform certain operations. This pixel editor software is very simple and you can only edit the color of pixels or you can use freehand drawing to draw something on your image in terms of pixels. It offers you a brush and eraser that you can use to edit the color of pixels in your photo and save changes in that. However, there is no undo option in the software and that may bother some users.

Using PyxleOS to edit pixels in a photo is very simple. It runs in portable mode so you can easily launch it after you have downloaded it. Open your image in it and then you can start manipulating it. Use the drawing and color fill tool to change the color of current pixels and remove them if you want. There is a color palette in the software that you can use to choose different colors and apply in your photo. Finally, when you are done, you can save the image in any folder you like.


Paint.net photo pixel editor

Pain.net is now a very popular image editor out there that can edit PSD file. Although, there are tons of features available in this software, but here I will only focus on its ability to edit the pixels of the image. And the best part is that, since it is a fully functional image editor with basic and advanced image editing tools, you can manipulate pixels of image in advanced manner. However, Paint.net won’t directly open the image in pixels form. You will have to scale it to the maximum resolution in order to see the pixels and edit them. You can easily change the color of pixels, remove color of pixels, remove pixels, fix some defects in an image and select multiple pixels using the magic wand, etc.

If you have ever used Paint.net for other purposes, then you can use it in the same way as a nice photo pixel editor too. It supports a wide array of image formats that you can import in it and edit the pixels. You can open any PNG, JPG, BMP, and other image whose pixels you want to manipulate. Use the various tools like draw, erase, select, cut, crop, color, etc., to assist the editing process and when you are done, simply save the image. You can either save the changes in the image or you can export it as a whole new image. However, it won’t be able to save your image in PXL format.

Active Pixel

Active pixels photo pixel editor

Active Pixel is another free image editor software that offers pixel level editing of photos. It comes with some advanced and basic set of image editing tools that you can use while you are editing the pixels in your photo. It lets you open an image and then you can view it in the full resolution to see pixels on that photos. It offers you editing tools like cut, draw, select, shape, color fill, crop, like editing tools. You can use these tools to manipulate each and every pixel of your photo. It supports JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF like image formats to export your target image.

Just like you use Paint.net or other image editor, you can use this in the same way. Just open the photos whose pixels you want to manipulate with this tool and after it imports your image, you can switch the view in maximum resolutions. After that, the pixels of the photo will become visible. You can then edit them using the various tools that it provides. Finally, after editing the image, you can save the changes in the image and you can use any image format that it supports.


GIMP photo pixel editor

GIMP is other very well know free alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop. It has tons of features that you can’t learn in a single day. And you may be pleased to know that it can be used as a nice photo pixel editor tool as well. While editing photo pixels in GIMP, you can take advantages of all its tools to assist your pixels editing. You can use the rich and advanced toolbox of GIMP while you are editing the pixels of a photo. The tools like pen, brush, select tool, fuzzy select, cut, crop and a lot of other tools. You can use these tools and export the photo to a variety of file formats that you like. GIMP supports tons of image file formats that you can export to. However, here also you will not be able to export the image as a PXL file.

GIMP has a scattered interface and you can easily edit your photos and their pixels in an easy way. Open any photo that you like to edit pixels wise and start editing with the help of lots of useful tools that GIMP offers. With so many options on its interface, you can almost edit any pixel in your image easily. And when you are done with the editing part, you can finally export the photos that you have edited.

Final Thoughts

These are some best free photo pixel editor software that I have found so far. Using all of these software, you will be able to edit every pixel in your photo. And what I like about these software is that they behave like traditional image editor software and also work in similar manner. So, if you are looking for some decent photo pixel editor software, then you are at the right place, the above list will surely help you.

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