5 Free Online Grocery List Maker

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Here are 5 free online grocery list maker. You can use these websites to easily create grocery lists and keep track of them effortlessly. In each grocery list, they allow you to add unlimited food items from different categories like Bakery, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Frozen Foods, Diet Foods, and much more. You can manually create food items and also use pre-defined items offered by these websites. They allow you to seamlessly track the food items and mark them as purchased in the lists whenever you want.

Most of these websites also allow you to share your grocery lists with other family members and then collaborate with them to create, organize, and manage grocery lists and items. Another useful thing about these websites is that they offer a mobile app, just like the core grocery list apps for Android and iPhone, so that you can have access to your grocery lists on the go.

online grocery list maker

Let’s get started with the online grocery list maker.


OurHome is one of the best free online grocery list maker which you can use to create a list of food items that you want to buy and track them with ease. You can add as many grocery items as you want to different list categories like Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Bakery, etc. It lets you manually add items (by entering a name, quantity, etc.) or use the pre-defined items shown to you for each category. To start using this grocery list maker, the first thing you would need to do is open this website and create an account by selecting the task category as “Shopping”.

After that, it will open up a list of grocery categories among which you can choose anything you want. Once done, you can go to the “Groceries” tab and start adding food items to it. When you’re done purchasing any item from the list, you can either mark it as complete or move it to the “Past Purchases” section. It also offers a mobile app for iPhone and Android so that you can have access to your grocery list on the go. The best thing about this website is that it also allows you to invite family members for collaborating on your grocery lists.

Grocery Gadgets:

Grocery Gadgets is another free online grocery list maker that lets you seamlessly create lists of grocery items and track them for competition. You can create as many grocery lists as you want and add unlimited food items to each list. It also lets you import existing grocery lists which are saved as CSV files. For each item, you can define the category, specific store (if any), brand, quantity, price, and more. Creating and tracking grocery lists using this website is very simple. After you open this website, it will ask you to create a list. Then you can start adding items to the list manually.

This way you can create separate lists for different food categories and add the items. After you’re done with purchasing any item, you can change its status to “Done” by checking the small box. Similar to “OurHome” this one also provides a mobile app in order to make it easier for you to stay up to date with your grocery lists. This one also has the option to share your grocery lists with other family members by letting them sign in to the same account on their devices.


GroceryIQ is also one of the best free grocery list maker websites that you can use to add and track grocery items online. Similar to “Grocery Gadgets”, this one also allows you to create unlimited grocery lists and add as many items as you want to each list. It lets you easily add items to the lists by simply defining the name, selecting a category (like Bakery, Fruits & Vegetables, Organic Foods, and more), quantity, price, etc. You can simply open this website and start adding grocery lists at the top.

When you’re done with the list, you can open them up and add the food items which you want to track and buy. After adding an item, you can open them whenever you to edit, mark them as complete, export in a PDF file, etc. You can also use this grocery list maker on your iPhone and Android phone. It even lets you easily share your lists with others by allowing them to sign in to the same account and collaborate.


OurGroceries can also be used to easily create grocery lists and add food items to them. There is no limit on the number of lists and grocery items which you can add to every single list. It allows you to either choose various pre-defined food items or add your own custom items to different list categories like Meat, Dairy, Frozen Food, or anything you want. You can also import and export CSV files containing your grocery lists and items. One of the additional features of this website is that it comes with a separate section where you can create lists of recipes and track them with ease.

When you open this website, you would need to create an account to proceed. After that, go to the “Your Lists” tab and you can start creating grocery lists right away. After adding a list, simply open it up and then it will allow you to easily add food items to it which you would like to track and buy later. Once done, you can easily track them and mark as purchased at any time you want by clicking on them. It also comes with an Android and iPhone app which can help you quickly access your grocery lists no matter where you are.


Listonic is the last online grocery list maker which also lets you easily create, organize, and manage your grocery lists. This one also has no limitation on the number of lists and items which you can add. It allows you to add items from different categories including Baby Products, Bakery, Diet Foods, Frozen, Home Baking, and much more. This one also comes with tons of pre-defined grocery items which you can add with just a click or create your own items. You can change the category of the added items whenever you want.

To get started, simply create an account and then go to the “Shopping Lists” tab. After that, it will allow you to easily create grocery lists and add food items to them. Then you can simply keep track of them and also mark them as purchased by checking the small boxes associated with the items. You can even export your grocery lists as PDF files and access them on Android and iPhone. This free grocery list maker also allows you to share your grocery lists and invite others to join and collaborate with you.

Closing Words:

So, these are some of the best free online grocery list maker which makes it a breeze for you to create and track your grocery lists. What makes these websites perfect is that they give you total control over adding food items to the lists. Also, they are completely free to use for adding unlimited grocery lists and items. If you would like to keep a record of groceries, which you want to buy later, so that you won’t forget then start using any of these websites right away.

Do let me know which website you liked in the comments.

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