All Social Networking Sites in One Android App: Banjo

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Banjo is a free app for Android devices that provides you with a platform to view data from all social networking sites together. You can integrate all famous social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and update them from inside this app. You can also view friends activity in Banjo Feeds and save or share the pictures. The app also has feed related to News, Sports, Music, and people around you. The app lets you mark favorites and access them anytime you want. You can also view beautiful pictures of events going on in different countries of the world. It also allows you to chat with friends.


Key Features of Banjo App for Android:

  • Clean and attractive interface.
  • Simple but interesting to use.
  • Integrates all social networking sites together.
  • Sign up easily using any social networking site.
  • Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, and Google plus.
  • Update Facebook status, Send tweets, and much more.
  • View activity from friends and people around you.
  • Follow or block people.
  • Keep yourself updated with News from every continent.
  • Check events according to dates using calendar feature.
  • Get updated on Basketball, Cricket, Football, and Hockey.
  • Get access to feed and pictures of Music artists and festivals.
  • View posts from influential people.
  • Mark favorites to check them later.
  • View, save, and share pictures of your friends.
  • Search using keywords to discover interesting things.
  • You can also suggest events and more.
  • View activity of people in and around your geographical area.
  • Needs an active internet connection.Banjo interface

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How to Integrate all Social Networking Sites on Banjo:

Banjo is a free Android app which keeps you updated about events happening anywhere in the world. This Android app has news and pictures of everyone and every event going on in the world. Banjo shares everything in a way that makes you feel closer to your friends, to neighbors, to other countries of the world and people in them. Use the link given at the end of this review to download the app.

Banjo lets you add almost all social networking sites that people use on a daily basis and manage them directly from the app. You can update your status, post tweets, check pictures of your friends, and chat with them too, all directly inside this app itself. To do so, go to ‘ME’ tab on the main page of the app. Edit your profile, add social networking sites, invite friends, chat with friends, and update your social networks from here.


You can integrate your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google plus accounts with Banjo.

Final Verdict:

Banjo is a great Android app that lets you manage all your social networking sites and offers much more than that. With Banjo, it feels like you have the whole world in your hand. You can view activity feeds and pictures of important incidents, events, celebrations from anywhere in the world, festivals, sports, music artists, your own friends, and people around your area you may or may not know. It is a must have app for every Android user.

Scan the QR Code below with a Barcode Scanner from your Android device to download it.


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