Windows 8 Widgets App: Widgets HD

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Widgets HD is a Windows 8 Widgets App. You can conveniently customize it as per your requirement. It provides the option to add widgets like Newsfeed, Weather Forecast for any place in the US, a digital clock, option to search using Google and Bing, and also a calculator.

In addition to the widgets this app provides you with, the app also gives the option for timer, stopwatch, and alarm.

You can also change the background of the app. There are 16 backgrounds to choose from.

Widgets HD

You also get to choose among three themes for the app. But for customizing your app with these themes, you have to pay some additional price.

Widgets HD is freely available in the Productivity category of the Windows store.

Using this Windows 8 Widgets app

On the main landing page of this app, you won’t be shown anything when you run it for the first time. Just a default background will be shown to you. You have to customize it according to your requirement. Let me explain to you the main widgets this app provides you with:

Weather Forecast

To use the weather forecast widget, you can choose the main settings option that appears in the settings charm. From there, choose the Weather Widget that is appearing in the widget list. But just choosing that, won’t complete the whole task. Use the Windows settings charm, and get to the Weather settings option. From there, give the name, or the Zip code of the place which you want to get the weather forecast for. The place should be in US only.

Widgets HD- Weather forecast

If you click on this widget, then you can also see the weather forecast for the last 7 days.


You can use the calculator widget that is available in the widget list to do calculations. The only limitation is that you have to go the app every time you want to use the calculator.

Widgets HD- Calculator

Digital Clock

Use the option to see the time on the app itself. The option will give you a digital time view.

Widgets HD- Clock

Bing and Google Search

Use this widget to directly search for something over the Internet using Google and/or Bing.


You can view news from any particular field right at your home screen of the app. For deciding the field from which you can get news, you can use the Windows settings charm. From there, you have to select the newsfeed source and click go. Now, you would be shown news from that source only.


You can also create notes using the Widget that is available for that option.

Widgets HD- Notes

Other options

Besides this, the app also provides other options like timer, stop watch, and alarm. For that, you can use the bottom flyout of the app. Just right click anywhere on the screen and you would be shown the bottom flyout where you can use these other options that are available in the app.

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Key Features of Widgets HD

  • This Windows 8 Widgets app is freely available in the Windows store.
  • Working of the app is quite easy.
  • Get Widgets like Weather Forecast, Calculator, Digital Clock, and many other in the app itself.
  • Extra options for timer, stopwatch, and alarm.
  • 16 different backgrounds to choose from.
  • You can also upgrade yourself to the pro version to get to choose from 3 themes.

My Verdict

I would like to say that Widgets HD is quite a nice Windows 8 Widgets app. It provides you with a lot of options. Only thing where I think it lags is its inability to pin the Widgets it provides. You can use them in the app only, and not outside it. Try it out.

Get Widgets HD here

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Works With: Windows 8.1
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