Mac Theme For Windows 8

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Already bored of the Windows 8 interface or it was never of your liking? Then try out Mac theme called Mountain Lion Skin Pack for Windows 8 and transform Windows 8 into Mac OS X. This is one of the most authentic looking skin pack for Windows 8. This Mac theme for Windows 8 changes the interface significantly.

The best thing about this Mac theme for Windows 8 is that it has a single installer that makes the installation process really simple and you do not have to personally patch system files to get the results. The result of this Mac theme for Windows 8 is that you have a pretty cool and authentic looking desktop as shown below.

Mac Theme For Windows 8

The application does not mess with the modern interface at all and you will only notice the changes once you have switched to the desktop mode in Windows 8.

One thing that disappointed me was that there were no changes in the logon screen in Window 8 which makes the whole fake Mac OS X experience a little disappointing. But this Mac theme for Windows completely themed and changed the desktop which made it look amazingly similar to the real thing.

This skin pack for Windows 8 is around 35 Mb in download size and installs all the required files in a single go making the installation process very simple and fast. You can download this Mac theme for Windows 8 from the link down below.

Features of Mac Theme for Windows 8:

  • This free Mac theme for Windows 8 provides you with a elegant looking desktop as shown in the above screenshot.
  • The application skins the file explorer and makes it look like the finder in Mac as shown in the screenshot below. And the Windows file explorer looks amazingly similar to original file explorer in Mac OS X called the finder.
    finder for windows 8
  • This Mac theme also skins the taskbar and makes it look like the status bar in Mac OS X. But the status bar does not change completely like in the some skins for Windows 7 and the notification area looks and remains the same. status bar mac thme for windows 8
  • The dock looks really nice and has the same effects as the real Mac dock. The dock also has the same stack feature that the dock in Mac OS X has. This can be seen in the screenshot below, plus this Mac theme for Windows 8 places the dock with really nice and smooth transition and effects. Also the applications are minimized to the dock with the cool transition effects, instead of the taskbar in Windows 8.
    mac theme for windows 8 dock
  • Also this application provides you with a start menu that everyone seems to be missing these days as shown below in the screenshot.mac theme for windows 8 start menu
  • Mountain Lion Skin Pack also provides you with amazing looking gadgets as shown below. mac theme for windows 8 gadgets
  • The other features that this skin pack provides you are: expose, launchpad, fastdesktop etc which make the experiencing as authentic as it could be on Windows 8. The developers are constantly developing this Mac theme for Windows 8 making it better looking and more functional with each iteration of the software.

Verdict for Mac theme for Windows 8:

In total this is one of the most stable skin packs I have ever used on Windows 8 and it did not mess with my system causing problems which most of the skin packs like these tend to do. But I think there is still more work to be done like changing the theme for the lockscreen etc.

Download Skin For Windows 8.

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