Free Disc Burner Software To Burn CD, DVD, Blu-ray Discs

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True Burner is a free disc burner software used to burn CD W/RW, DVD W/RW, Blu-ray W/RW, and double layer media discs. It’s a simple but handy disc burner software that is too light for your system and doesn’t affect the other running software, much. It lets you get the inserted disc information like: empty space, number of session on disc, and last session file type (that is whether UDF, ISO, or both), and lets you add files, to keep a data backup, or create a bootable disc. Before you start burning, you can manage the files and folders using the file browser feature and by creating folders, adding files, and deleting unwanted ones.

It can also read the bootable image file formats: *.IMG and *.IMA. and lets you burn them as quick as possible. The freeware also comes with an erase disc support for Re-writable discs.

True Burner - interface

Burn Blu-ray, CD, DVD etc. using this free disc burner software:

This is a pretty straight-up easy and handy freeware to burn CD, DVD, Blu-ray etc. It’s installation is pretty simple and easy. The freeware comes with a 3rd party software support: AVG toolbar for internet browser. Simply skip it during installation (if not required). The interface of the freeware is one of the highlights of the freeware. It’s easy to understand and use. All requisite buttons are right on the main window. Hovering mouse over the buttons shows respective names, which gives an idea of what they do. Burning data into disc is an easy task of simple clicks.

True Burner - start window(giving burn settings)

Once installed, simply launch the disc burner software. You’ll get a window, that lets you choose what you want to do with the disc and the actions after burning disc. Whether you are continuing burning a multisession disc (RW), finalize disc, verify disc, and eject disc after burn. Plus you can choose the type of disc (UDF, ISO, Joliet, or combination of both or all), and if you are burning an image file, you can choose them from the same window.

Once through, you can then start adding files and folders. The buttons are pretty simple and basic. Simply click on the button as required. The freeware lets you browse the added folders just like the explorer window, and then view the file information. True Burner is pretty fast in adding files, but that does depends on file size. And when done you can simply start burning disc, by clicking on Burn Disc button. The freeware does the rest.

True Burner - burning disc

Key features of this free disc burner software:

  • Good free disc burner software.
  • Burn CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs, both writable and re-writable.
  • Burn disc image files.
  • Lightweight.
  • Simple, easy and fast.

Here are some other good disc burners: Similar software: 5 Free Blu Ray Burners, Cyberlink Power2Go, and MC Burner.


True Burner is a pretty handy disc burner software. Especially, if you are looking for easy and lightweight disc burner that simply does the task. Although it doesn’t has the feature of creating disc images. All in all a decent free disc burner.

Get True Burner here.

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