Prevent Tracking by Google with GoogleSharing

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GoogleSharing is a free Firefox add-on which can help you make searches with Google without revealing your identity to Google. It is absolutely free to download and use.

You must be aware that Google knows things about you such as what you search for, what sites you visit etc., but really Google knows much more than this about you! Google knows what search results you clicked, the content of every email you sent or received and if you have deleted it or not, who your friends are, where you live, where you work etc. You will be surprised to know that whether you are logged into a Google account or not still Google can track you. It even knows what sites you reached that you didn’t reach through Google, thanks to Google Analytics. Now you really don’t want that to happen! Right? Yeah you can prevent it! Just use GoogleSharing and you are protected!

GoogleSharing Status

How does GoogleSharing work?

It is a Firefox add-on which also has a custom proxy. Whatever searches you do this add-on recognizes and sends them first to this proxy where it is stripped off your identity and the request is forwarded to Google. The response received is then forwarded back to the user. The proxy server mixes up identities i.e., it assigns your request identity to some other person and any other’s identity is assigned to you. The next time you search you are given another different identity. By this way the entire thing is mixed up into one big cluster which is difficult to analyze for Google.

GoogleSharing Anonymizing

GoogleSharing doesn’t record any of your data, nor does it monitor you or your activity. It is GoogleSharing’s privacy policy. Since the connection between GoogleSharing and the user is encrypted GoogleSharing doesn’t know the content of your requests. All summed up it looks like this! GoogleSharing knows from where the searches are coming from but not the content and Google knows what the content is but not the location from where it is coming!

GoogleSharing Working

Your benefits

You can securely and transparently search Google’s services including Images, Maps, Products, News and Search Engines without Google being able to track you! But this anonymizing is not possible with Gmail because when you login automatically your identity is revealed.

GoogleSharing is a handy add-on which facilitates and secures your identity while you are using Google services! When put to use this add-on ran smoothly and provided good satisfying results wihtout causing the browser to crash or slow down. So why don’t you try GoogleSharing and stay protected!

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