Proxy Changer for Anonymous Browsing: FoxyProxy Standard

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FoxyProxy Standard is a free Firefox Add-on proxy changer which directs Internet communications through an intermediary server, called a proxy server. When Internet communication’s are effected through the proxy server, the IP address of the Proxy server is logged and the actual IP address of the foxyproxy user is hidden. FoxyProxy basically controls and manages these proxy servers. It not only hides your IP address but also speeds up your Internet browsing speed by providing caching services.


Small Size and Easy Installation of this Proxy Changer

FoxyProxy Standard is a free to use software under the GPL License. It is downloaded as an Add-On for Firefox. The small file size makes downloading on slower connections a breeze, while it’s installation can be performed by even the basic computer user.

Installation is very simple and done through Firefox. After downloading the file, Firefox add-on manager, located in  ‘tools’ option, is opened where the option ‘ install add-on from file ‘ installs FoxyProxy.


Simple Control of Proxy servers

The FoxyProxy dashboard is easy to use. It incorporates all controls required to acquire and manage proxy servers effectively. Advanced users have the flexibility and convenience of using the control panel to  define ‘Patterns’. Two kinds of patterns can be created, the ‘whitelist’, which is the list of websites that are to be loaded through the proxy server. And the ‘blacklist’, which is the list of websites not to be loaded through the proxy server.

By using this dashboard, proxy’s can be added or deleted, and patterns managed as required for specified websites.

For the basic user, FoxyProxy features a simple to use Customer Panel and Interface, by which proxy services can be purchased and setup for nearly all countries in the world.

Routing through a proxy server

By using Foxyproxy, with proxy servers based in the country of choice, restricted sites and services of that country can be accessed. The users can also surf the internet anonymously thereby protecting their privacy. Also protecting their search and other data of companies such as Google to fall in wrong hands and be used against them.

Good and fast performance

The performance of FoxyProxy standard was fast and trouble free when used with a proxy server based in Sweden. Setup of the proxy server was easy and so was creation of the patterns. The only problem being that search engines like Google start throwing up pages from the country the proxy server is based in.

The user should therefore choose the country of the proxy server with some thought, or alternatively, use the name of the country with the search terms. For example, for a user based in the US, searching for shoes, the earlier search term used ‘ shoes’ would now have to be ‘ shoes in US ‘.


Help and Support

Foxyproxy Standard is being used by many reputed companies like Puma, BBC, Ericsson and the NBA, and help and support is provided through a support forum, where the users queries are attended promptly and with clarity.

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