Weather Extension To Get Weather Forecasts: Forecastfox Weather

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Forecastfox Weather is a free weather extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that shows precise weather forecasts on your browser. It’s a simple application that let’s you view weather information of several locations worldwide. It connects to the World’s Weather Authority: AccuWeather, and gets international weather forecasts for you.

This weather extension add weather icons to your browser’s toolbar or status bar, and let’s you track weather information of any part of the world. You can view current weather information as well as future forecasts for the selected regions, right on your browser. The weather data includes the current temperature, feel like temperature, humidity, precipitation, pressure, UV radiation, visibility conditions, wind direction, wind speed, and moon phases.

forecastfox weather extension

Forecastfox Weather pulls data from AccuWeather’s  satellite and Radar station and displays weather related information in the United states and around the world. It provides complete weather information including current temperature, daily and short term temperature changes, and weather forecasts for the next 7 days.

Apart from that, it also gives alerts and warnings when severe weather approaches.

Get Weather Forecasts on your Browser:

You can download separate versions of Forecastfox Weather for your Google Chrome or Firefox browsers from the website’s homepage. Once you add the extension to your browser, the summary of weather forecasts for a given location will be displayed in the status bar or toolbar of your browser. In case of Firefox, the summary takes form of several icons that shows weather information for today, tomorrow, and the next five days on mouse hover.

forecastfox weather report

To view the weather conditions of your area, just right click on the extension icon and select “Options” menu item. Then search for your location by entering it’s Postal code, Zip code, or name in the search bar, find it on the map, and add it to Forecastfox Weather. You can add more locations to Forecastfox Weather if you want.

This Weather extension is highly customizable and let’s you adjust various other settings through the Options page. These settings include changing the temperature measurement metrics, allowing automatic location change, changing display icons, and choosing the desired weather data and toolbar display options.

forecastfox weather options

In case you want a standalone application for your PC to get weather updates, you can check weather software like WeatherMate and The Weather Channel Desktop.

Key Features of this Weather Extension:

  • Precise Weather Report: Forecastfox Weather provides detailed information on weather conditions at different time intervals, including current temperature, feel like temperature, humidity, precipitation, pressure, UV radiation, visibility conditions, wind direction, wind speed, and moon phases.
  • Weather Forecasts: It provides forecast information on hourly basis and expected weather conditions for the next 7 days.
  • Severe Weather Alerts: It also gives desktop alert messages to warn you when severe weather approaches.
    forecastfox weather alerts
  • Highly Customizable: The extension is highly customizable and allows you to adjust various settings to view selected information only.
  • Radar and Satellite connectivity: It get’s connected to AccuWeather’s satellite and Radar station and displays live weather reports on your browser screen.

Supported Browsers:

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The Final Verdict:

Forecastfox Weather is a nice weather extension for your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, that provides local forecasts and weather information from different regions of a country. This not only provides precise weather information but also gives you warning alerts in case of severe weather conditions.

Download Forecastfox Weather free.

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