Automatically Summarize Text in Gmail to Write Short Messages

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This article covers a free AI summarization tool to automatically summarize Gmail messages. Say Less is a free tool that can help you write shorter and more effective messages. This tool is available as a browser extension and currently, you can get it for Google Chrome.

The extension integrates with Gmail and shows a summarize button in the compose box. So whenever you are composing an email message, you can use that button to automatically summarize any or all of your long paragraphs. The extension is using AI-based summarization algorithms published by Facebook. It uses three models for summarization that you can switch between accordingly. Apart from Gmail, you can also use it to summarize a text paragraph from the extension menu.

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Automatically Summarize Text in Gmail

Say Less extension offers two plans, free and business. The free plan provides unlimited summarization with Gmail integration. It uses commodity hardware for the free plan that means the process of summarizing the text is a little bit slower than the business plan where you can get dedicated hardware along with custom client integrations.

automatically summarize text in gmail

To Summarize the text in Gmail, first, install the Say Less extension to your browser from here. After installing the extension, reload the Gmail page. Now, when you compose an email, you get a word count at the top right corner. Hovering mouse cursor on the count shows the “Say Less?” text.

automatically summarize gmail messages

To summarize your text, click on the “Say Less?” button and then select the paragraph that you want to summarize. Simply hover your mouse over the paragraph and it gets highlighted with red color. You can also click and scroll the cursor to select multiple paragraphs. Once you select the text, it starts to summarize that automatically. Within a few seconds, selected paragraphs get replaced with the summarized text.

AI Models for Summarization

free ai summarization tool

If you want to use summarize a text, you can do it outside of Gmail too. You get an option for that in the extension menu. Simply paste your text there in the box and click the “SUMMARIZE” button to make it short. Below that, you get the name of the currently used AI model. From there you can switch between three available models for small, medium, and large text summarization.

Wrap Up

Say Less is a nice tool to summarize the text in Gmail and allows you to write short and effective messages instead of long paragraphs. The AI algorithms work well and generate a usable summer of longer texts. You can also try different models as per your requirements to get a better summary. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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