Strategy Based Windows 8 Board Game: Naqala

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Naqala is a strategy based Windows 8 Board Game. In this Game your main aim is to gather more and more stones in the bowl you are given. You can play the game against your friend, or can play against the computer. The game can be played in 6 different levels, where the difficulty of the game increases with each level, six being the most difficult.

The game challenges your strategy making skills, and engages you into itself, and ensures long hours of game play. The game also gives you the option, by using which you can change the background of the game while playing.


Naqala is freely available in the Games category of the Windows store.

Playing this Windows 8 Board Game

Naqala is quite addictive board game. I can ensure that, you will get more and more involved with it. Naqala is an Arabic word that means “‘To Move”, and so is the game. The game is:

As you get to the game, firstly a game board would be shown to you. On two of the opposite sides, that is, one alongside you and other on its opposite, will have six bowls available. Two large bowls are available on the other two opposite sides. Now, 48 stones are included, with 4 each for every small bowl. The aim of the game is to collect the larger amount of stones in the large bowls. The bowl available on the right side of each of the players belong to them.

Game play

  • In each turn the player has to choose one of the bowl on its side.
  • As he choose the bowl, all the stones that are present in the bowl will be distributed one by one to the bowls present in the counter clockwise direction, starting from the next one adjacent to that bowl, and it will be empty.
  • The stones will ultimately reach the large bowls that are available on right side of each player.
  • These large bowls are Scoring bowls, that is, once any stone gets into them, it will remain there, and won’t move further. This way you will score. You can also score by capturing. When there is a situation where a single stone gets into the next bowl that is empty, then capturing will take place. In that situation player will capture all the stones that are present in the bowl that is vertically opposite to the first bowl to which the stone is moved to.
  • If the last stone of any bowl reaches the scoring cup, another chance shall be given to the user.
  • The game ends if all the smaller bowls on any one of the side become empty.

Naqala- gameplay

While playing, a timer will also be shown to you from which you can see your progress.

The game has 6 levels to play, for which the difficulty level gradually increase. You can enjoy this game against your friend, or can play against the computer. No matter how you play, the game will ensure you a good experience every time you play it.

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Key Features of  Naqala

  • This Windows 8 Board Game is freely available in the Windows store.
  • Nice game play.
  • The rules are somewhat difficult but once you understand them, the game will surely keep you fully engaged.
  • 6 levels with increasing difficulty.
  • You can play with your friend or against the computer.

My Verdict on Naqala

According to my experience with the game, Naqala is quite a fun and intriguing Windows 8 Board Game. Once you understand the rules, this game is one tough game to get away from. Try it for sure, and do let us know about your experience.

Get Naqala here

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