Online Game To Play, Practice Multiplication Tables: Tables Test

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Tables Test offers a free online game designed for children that enables you to play, learn and practice multiplication tables with the times tables grid. It is a fun game that provides different levels to play this math table game and practice multiplication tables while playing. It is one of the best method to memorize math tables as it lets you play and learn at the same time. This game can be obtained in 5 languages.

Tables Test offers you a game that comprises of questions with the choices of answers which is exclusively related to multiplication tables. It notifies you with the time taken by you to answer each question. It enables you to tweet number of points obtained on your Twitter page. Your score can be saved if you are done with the registration procedure.

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Learning multiplication tables is a necessary requirement in the world of maths as it needs repetitive practice. Children begin to learn and practice multiplication tables in early grades of 2nd or 3rd and if taught in a very interactive way, they may not hate maths in future. Every child doesn’t have the capacity to memorize these multiplication tables but it’s a true fact that children learn well when they play. Tables Test can be an apt option as it allows your child to play, memorize and practice multiplication tables.

Tables Test does not require any installation and enables you to play this fun game just by accessing the link provided to you at the end of this article.

How To Play,Memorize and Practice Multiplication Tables?

As you launch this Table Test web app, it redirects you to the game page where you can see times tables grid on the left top most corner of the page. When you hover your cursor on the blocks of times tables grids, the blocks turns yellow and lets you view the solution for that particular number.

Tables Test grid

By default, it begins with level 0, where tables test comprises of 10 questions and 10 choices of answers. You can begin to play your game just by clicking on the Let’s Go button the countdown begins for you to play this game. One after the other questions appear in front of you and you have to select the right answer from the choices given below.

As you keep on answering, it continuously notes down the duration of each answer. The blocks turn Green color if your answer is right and turns Red if your answer to the question turns out to be a wrong choice. On the completion of this game you can, see the points achieved by you along with the number of errors. You can tweet your points in Twitter. While playing you can easily reset your game, if you desire.

Tables Test default

It enables you to cross check your errors and go through your game briefly. The best part of this game is that as you hover your mouse over the solutions one by one the, the color fades and only the solution appears in front of you. This is probably one of the best method to cross check your mistakes and try not to repeat it again.

Tables Test fade

You can definitely save your score but for that you need to register an account. As soon as you register it provides you your username and the list of those users who top the charts for that particular level. You can click on disconnect user to go to level 0 again. You can become a champion of multiplication tables as it enhances your speed to answer and proves to be a best practice method when you don’t want to keep your head into big fat books.

Tables Test charts

Tables Test provides you 6 different levels which you can choose to play and practice multiplication tables. I have mentioned below the specifications of each level:

Level 0: 10 questions with 10 choices of answers

Level 1: 10 questions with 15 choices of answers

Level 2: 10 questions with 20 choices of answers

Level 3: 15 questions with 10 choices of answers

Level 4: 15 questions with 15 choices of answers

Level 5: 15 questions with 20 choices of answers

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Key Features Tables Test:

  • Free online game to play and practice multiplication tables
  • Efficiently helps children to play, learn and practice multiplication
  • Time tables grid up to 10
  • Offers you 6 levels in the game
  • Enables you to select any level of game that you wish to play
  • Notifies you with time taken to answer each question
  • Enables you to tweet your points
  • Lets you save your score if you register your account
  • Easy to use
  • Available in five languages

My Verdict for Tables Test:

Tables Test offers one of the best game to play, memorize and practice multiplication tables. This online game develops an interest towards maths multiplication tables in your children. If some audio sound and cartoon animations are added to this web app, it will become the first choice of every parent for their children and will definitely help your kids to love maths.

You can grab this web app to play, memorize and practice multiplication tables from here.

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