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Torrent Search is a free torrent search tool for windows that helps you to search for torrents. This torrent search tool has been developed in Python programming language and GTK+ makes its graphical interface. This free torrent search software, basically searches torrent files through various websites, which further enables you to filter the results achieved.

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This torrents search tool improves the existing plug-ins by adding new websites, as the websites are integrated using plug-ins. This torrent search tool is one of the best torrent software which is released under GNU/GPL License.

Torrent Search is compatible with operating systems like Windows and Linux. It’s very easy to search for anything, by just entering the search query in the search box located at the top of the software window. You can see the results for a search query in the list below.


In order to download the desired item, you need to double-click or right-click on the corresponding line which highlights the torrent and select “Download”. The item will get downloaded in next few minutes.

This torrent search software also allows you to manage your downloads by clicking on “Edit” and “preferences” button. A preference dialog opens up in which you can manage downloads.

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Some Key Features of Free Torrent Search Tool:

  • Free torrent search software which allows you to easily find the torrent you need.
  • Can download any torrent file and manage it.
  • Allows you to clear search history with a single click on “Clear Search History”
  • You can modify search options by clicking on “Search options”.
  • It uses plug-ins, so new websites can be very easily added without the need of installing a new version of the software.

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How To Download And Install Torrent Search Tool:

  • Visit it’s official website, and click on “Download” option.
  • Now make sure that if you are using windows operating system then click on the file name that ends with “.exe”.
  • Double-click on the downloaded .exe file.
  • Click on “Run” to run the file and follow further simple instructions for installation.

Torrent search is an excellent torrent search tool that eliminates your excess labor of scrutinizing the entire web to search for the right video, audio or any game.

Go ahead, download Torrent Search tool and grab all your favorite torrent files quickly. You can also Download Torrent with Torrent Download software, check Torrific reviewed by us.

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