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My Land is a free farming simulation game available on Windows 10. Like a lot of farming simulations out there, the aim of this game is to create a farm, increase attraction and generate money. Unlike most of the free farming simulations on the web, My Land does not restrict the playability with annoying in-app purchases. Players can enjoy the full game without worrying about running out of tries prematurely for which the game prompts them to pay-up for more tries or wait for the tries to refresh. Most importantly, if you mess up your farm, you don’t need to setup a new account. You can start a new game from the menu instantly. My Land basically displays advertisements to generate their revenue. I was surprised to see the advertisements were not annoying.

My Land is a really pleasant game which prompts to use your strategic skills in creating and managing a successful farm. For tips and tricks to raise a successful farm, you can read the provided tips on right panel of the game. To break it down, raising crops is what you should start with. Though it’s a slow process but it will guarantee periodic returns of cash through the crops that grow.


If you’re a strategy buff, then make sure you play Forge of Empires. If you like to keep things simple and easy, you can try the free transport simulator: Simutrans.

How to Play My Land

When you launch the game, you’ll be provided a bank balance of 5000 dollars which will be shown on a bar at the bottom. You’ll also be notified of how many visitors come to your farm. Visitations generate revenue. On the left of the bar, you can play/pause the progress of the game. Pausing the game when adding objects on the farm is always a good idea. The selection tool is used to select objects and collect money from the crops. On the right are the zoom in, zoom out buttons and selection of crops and beautification to add in the farm.


So to start the game, I hedged the middle of the land with fences where I could grow my crops. For starters, I planted some wheat. Since there is a possibility of the crops being destroyed by crows, I had to add a scarecrow. However, you need to be careful since there is no ‘Delete’ or ‘Undo’ option if you misplace an object.

add beautifications

Next, to beautify, the best thing to do is add flowers and trees. Trees are good at fetching attraction and help in making a forest later in the game.


After some time, your crops will grow. You can collect the crops to earn money. Buying a harvester later in the game is a good investment.


Similarly, I made an enclosure for Cows. Cows need grass and water to survive. In the enclosure you’ll have to make a ditch and fill it with water by adding a Windpump adjacent to it. Make sure you don’t overcrowd an enclosure or your cows will die of thirst and hunger.

When your forest starts growing you’ll need to add paths, pizza stands and a collection booth to cash-in from the visitors.

Final Words

My Land is a really relaxing game. It has all the elements that makes it a laid-back simulation. Unlike other games you don’t have to worry a lot about uninvited events (crows attack a few times). If you want a lot of action, then I suggest you to try something else. My Land did act glitchy a few times when I paused it. However, the glitch disappears when I unpause the game.  With all the above points taken into consideration, I award My Land with 4.8 stars.

Download My Land here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 7 Average: 4]
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