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YouTube has launched YouTube for Schools – a collection of videos that are useful for schools to show in class. YouTube has partnered with reputed education video providers, like Khan Academy, to bring best educational videos.

A picture says a thousand words. This is a well known saying that is definitely true. Try and describe a scene to someone, and they’ll have a hard time picturing it. But, show that scene, and your viewers won’t have any trouble seeing many different nuances of the scene that would be almost impossible to convey using the written word.

Now, try and describe an event to a class and see how much the students take away from that written or verbal description. But, show that same class a video of the event in question, and they’ll be sure to remember, and more importantly, understand, more of what occurred during that event and what the event means. This is why YouTube has their program YouTube for Schools.

YouTube for Schools

What Is YouTube for Schools?

YouTube for schools is an educational program run by YouTube, in which teachers and administrators can register their schools and classes, and the students can be shown a variety of age-appropriate video content to enhance the learning experience. Teachers and administrators are able to choose what content can be viewed within their schools and classrooms when logged into the YouTube EDU platform.

What Content is Available on YouTube for Schools

YouTube for schools has lot of educational content that spans all age ranges. All the videos are from pre-approved YouTube partners. When you sign up for YouTube for Schools, you can access all those educational videos.

Apart from that, YouTube also lets school administrators decide which additional videos should be available for their schools.

What Is Available

YouTube for Schools can take students from Kindergarten all the way through continuing education after college. There are lessons on writing, math, history, social studies, and justice, to name a few of the available subjects.

Whether you’re teaching (or taking) a class in creative writing or advanced physics, there are videos here that will enlighten students and expand on the book learning that normally takes place in a classroom setting. And the videos will help make what is learned stick. It will make more of an impact, especially on young learners, than sitting in class and taking notes (or just barely listening).

Also check out language learning software, and websites to teach computers to seniors.

What about Related Videos / Comments?

One of the interesting features of YouTube for Schools is that it disables related videos, and all the comments. Even if the videos are embedded on some other websites, still related videos are disabled.

How to Use YouTube for Schools

The basic part of signup and participation is rather easy. You need to create a YouTube for Schools (YouTube EDU) account that is unique for your school or district. Which one is chosen depends on school and district policies. After that, it’s a matter of having the school or district administrator make some easy modifications, to the firewall, like unblocking the YouTube top level domains and you’re off and learning. Also check out this FAQ page for lot more information on YouTube for Schools.

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