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Comic Shuffle is a free website to read random comics from 20+ different comic sites directly on its homepage. Basically, it provides a button to shuffle and present a random comic that you can read and enjoy. I think the idea is pretty good and useful when you are getting bored. You can use this comic randomizer platform to find and read some interesting webcomics.

This website is very simple and has no interface of its own. It only brings a left sidebar and rest of its homepage shows the interface of the currently opened webcomic.

The screenshot below shows a random webcomic opened by me on its homepage.

Comic Shuffle- read random comics from 20+ sites

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Webcomics Supported by this Website:

List of comic sites supported by this website is as follows:

  • xkcd
  • The Awkward Yeti
  • Poorly Drawn Lines
  • TheOatmeal
  • SMBC
  • Mr. Lovenstein
  • Cyanide & Happiness
  • Loading Artist
  • MoonBeard
  • Channelate
  • Up and Out
  • Nedroid
  • Chain Saw Suit
  • Maximumble
  • Things in Squares
  • Zen Pencils
  • Death Bulge
  • The Gentlemans Armchair
  • Left Handed Toons
  • Fowl Language Comics
  • Safely Endangered
  • Invisible Bread
  • Huge Cartoons, etc.

Read Random Comics from 20+ different Webcomics using this Website:

Use this link to jump to the homepage of this website. On its homepage, a random comic of one of the supported webcomics will be in front of you. You can use random, prev, and next buttons to find more comics available on that particular site. However, if you have to get some random comic from any comic site, you need to use Draw! button (available at the bottom center).

use Draw! button to get some random comic

By default, all webcomics supported by this website are activated. However, you can uncheck unwanted sites and the randomizer will do its work according to the selected comic sites.

select comic sites


For me, using this Comic Shuffle website was a good experience. Name of this website is perfect and it’s really good to find and read random comics. However, I wish it should support more and more webcomics to make it even useful.

Try Comic Shuffle website.

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