UTM Builder Service To Track Traffic from Different Mediums

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Here comes a free UTM Builder service (also known as UTM Tags Builder). It helps you track traffic from different mediums, such as: Newsletter, Email, Social Media, or some third-party website. All you need to do is add tags or parameters to URL that you want to track and then it will generate a new URL that you can post in your advertising campaign. You can later use Google Analytics or other Analytics tools to find how much traffic actually come from that particular URL. It is a pretty good way to check how successful was your campaign.

There are literally tons of UTM builders out there. And you can easily build a URL with UTM parameters yourself as well, without using any tool. However, the reason I like this tool is that it follows a wizard based approach, in which you ask all the right questions to make sure that the UTM parameters you add are absolutely correct.

UTM parameter generated

Using This Free UTM Builder Service:

Open the homepage of this service and you will find the very first step to generate UTM parameter.

Step 1: You need to enter the source URL and then go to the next step.

enter the URL

Step 2: Now you need to specify if the link or URL you just entered is a part of paid advertising campaign or not? Simply choose Yes or No to go to the next step.

link is part of paid campaign or not

Step 3: This is an important step. You need to select where will you use the output link: Social Media, Email, 3rd Party Website or your own website.

select where will you use the link

Step 4: Based on your above selection, you need to answer the next question. For example, if you have selected Email as your selection, then you need to select the type of Email you will use: Newsletter, Promotional, Survey, or Reach Out email.

type of email

Step 5: Now you need to give a name to your campaign. It will help you easily identify your campaign on Google Analytics (when you check the Stats).

set campaign name

Step 6: It is the last but also a very important step. You need to select if there are some other URLs, other than this one, that direct to the same webpage. If there exist some different link(s), then you need to enter a short term for those URLs.

different links for same page exist or not

That’s it! Now your UTM parameters will be generated. You can copy the output URL and use in your campaign.

The Verdict:

One thing is pretty clear that generating the tagged URLs or UTM parameters is really very easy using this service. All you have to do is follow the wizard to grab the final URL. This might be much easier or better service for you than Google Analytics URL builder tool.

Try it.

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