Free tool to generate ice beakers for anyone based on their bio

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Opener is a free AI-based website that you can use to generate personalized and effective opening ice breakers so that you do not get ignored.

Often you get only one chance to make a first impression and unfortunately this means that you generally have only once chance to impress or win over someone. If you bungle up that chance the likelihood of another attempt is remotely possible. This problem of getting ignored is faced by several people. As per a study, a man’s chances of getting unnoticed is as high as 96% while in the case of a woman, the likelihood of her getting ignored after that first message is 82%.

It was precisely to overcome this issue that Opener was created. The AI of Opener takes a person’s bio and creates personalized and effectual opening lines called ice breakers so that you may never have to say that ‘Hey’ again to make your presence felt. A Bio is a very summarized version of a person’s accomplishments, credentials, likes / dislikes, and more information that give an idea of who that person is. Many people often post it in their Social Media profiles.

The AI of Opener uses the data from real opening lines on dating apps, selects the ones that worked and fine tunes them using Open AI’s Davinci which is a new language model that produces superior-quality writing and can generate long-form content.

How it Works:

1. Look up the Social Media profiles of the person in question from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more and copy his / her Bio.

2. Navigate to Opener by using the link that we have placed at the end of this article and paste the Bio in the space provided.

Paste Bio

3. Click on the ‘Generate’ button and Opener will create and display a personalized and workable ice breaker for you that you can copy and use it wherever you require.

Ice breaker

4. If you aren’t satisfied with the ice breaker, click on ‘Try Again’ and repeat the same process for another ice breaker. You can slightly reword the bio to try out ice breaker different variations.

Closing Thoughts:

After using Opener, you may never be ignored and may not have to say ‘Hey’ again to remind others of your presence. The ice breakers generated by Opener are good, bound to make an impression and increase the likelihood of getting a quick response. But you must remember that since the ice breakers are AI generated, there may be occasions when they may look weird and may not suit your purpose. Go ahead and try them out to break the ice and save yourself the anxiety of sending that first message.

Click here to visit Opener.

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