Free Paintings Generator to Create Paintings of Famous Painters by AI

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StyleGAN is a free online paintings generators to create paintings of famous painters by AI. Basically, it takes a name and genre from you along with some other details and then generate a unique painting art for you. It uses GAN to generate paintings and the AI model is trained on images from WikiArt. You just have to specify some parameters from the list given there and it will generate the painting for you accordingly. This is as simple as that. However, there is no explicit option to save the painting image that it generates. So, you will have to manually save the generated image from the browser.

If you are into art and paintings then you can now simply generate one using the AI model that has learned from existing painting images. The website is very simple and you can use it without any sign up or something like that. The tool is not open source but you will enjoy using it. This is also kind of a unique tool that you can use to generate painting that never existed before. The tons of popular artists available to choose from the list and if you are fan of one of those then you can generate their painting in a predefined style. And in this post I will show you how you can do that.

Paintings Generator to Create Paintings of Famous Painters by AI

Free Paintings Generator to Create Paintings of Famous Painters by AI:

As I mentioned before, you don’t have to sign up for register in order to use it. So you can just to go to the homepage of the tool on select the parameters to generate a painting. All the parameter that you have to define are on the left side. You are the different dropdowns disconnect artist, genre, style, seed, and scale. You can see the screenshot below.


Now you just click on the “Submit” button and it will take a second and will show you the output painting image. The generated painting image is displayed on the right side and you can right click on it to save it on your computer. And you can change the parameter that is specified below to get a different result.


In this way you can use this simple and powerful painting generator. It works perfectly and generates beautiful painting precisely. Just have to specify different parameters to get the desired results. There is no restriction on number of times you can use it, you can use it to generate tons of unique paintings in just a few clicks.

Closing thoughts

If you are into art and paintings then you should try the simple painting generator mentioned here. Although, it looks simple on the outside but there are some serious AI under the hood. So, generate paintings with it by changing different parameters and let us know that you think.

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