Free GitHub Pull Request Review tool based on AI: Maverick

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Maverick is a GitHub app and a pull request review tool that is based on AI. It actively watches the specified repository on your account and whenever a pull request is detected, it reviews it by analyzing what changes have been proposed. It analyzes the changes in the code and then generates a summary what the pull request author has tried to do.

When you are using Maverick, you will not have to further inspect every single pull request and then corresponding changes in the code. It generates the summary of changes and its impact as comment right on the pull request page. You can just reach that and then decide to reject it or merge it. Basically, this app is going to save you a lot of time.

In normal workflow, another GitHub user or developer will fork your code, make some changes, and create a pull request. After you receive then request, you will have to inspect that. Basically, you will need to see if the added code is correct and doesn’t break other things. This can take some time from hours to days. And Maverick here does that for you now in just a few seconds.

GitHub Pull Request Review tool based on AI Maverick

Free GitHub Pull Request Review tool based on AI: Maverick

Go find the Maverick app from here. You need a GitHub account to access it and then add it to your account. So, choose the free plan and then proceed. You can install this on all your GitHub repositories or a specific repository.

Maverick Install

Once it has been installed, you just forget about it. It will now keep watching all the specified repositories.

Now, for testing purpose, let’s just create a pull request. I am doing the following code changes.

Maverick Code Changes and Pull requests

Make a pull request and after a few seconds, Maverick will be triggered. It left a comment like this. Here it has explained what happened. It detected all the changes and also calculated the overall impact this change will have on the project.

GitHub Code Review using AI

So, this is it. In this way, you can now have AI review code for you. Just install Maverick to any GitHub repository and it will keep doing its work now for you.

Closing thoughts:

To minimize the time, you spend on code review on GitHub, you can now use Maverick. It is your personal AI code reviewer. It will monitor all the pull request and will make a comprehensive summary of the code changes and its impact for you. You can then read this gist and decide whether to merge the request or not.

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