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OneClickTest lets you create A/B user tests for design layouts for free. Here this website gives you a couple of options to create user test and then see the results with ease. Here you can do image A/B testing by adding some tasks to the test and then share the test via URL with any user you want. When the user finishes the task, you will see the result and then you take further steps to do what you want. For example, you can use this tool to test which cover image will be more suited by creating test to let users choose the one they like. And you can then see the results to analyze which image will be the better one.

User testing is an important phase because with this, you get an idea what elements you use on your websites based on the user choices. Here using the user tests tool, you can decide the best images, elements, or any other elements of the website. This is better than polling as you can see the user test results in visual form. The results also include heat maps and using them you can analyze the click density and then place the tested elements on the final website accordingly. User tests give you a deep inside into the user perspective. And once you understand the user perspective then it will greatly help you design and place the elements on the correct positions.

OneClickTest a User Test

Creating User Tests for Design Layouts Free with this Website:

For now, there is no sign up is required to use this website to create user tests. Currently, this website offers you three type of user test –namely A/B Tests, single layout, and free choice. You can select the type of the test you want to create and then proceed by creating the test. First, you select the type of the test you want and then create the corresponding tasks. After you create the test, it will show you two URLs; one for the test page and one for the results page.

OneClickTest create test

Share the user URL with anyone that you want and let different users compete a task. As the users complete the task, you can see then result page. On the result, page, it creates a beautiful report of the test that you can analyze. Based on the type of test you selected, it will show you the report. So, you analyze the final report and then you are free to do whatever you want. You can see the report it generated in my case for “Free Choice” test below.

OneClickTest test result

In this way, this simple user tests tool works to test various aspects of your websites based on user perspective. You just have to choose any of the three types of tests and then share that with the different users. Analyze the result of the tests and consider that results while designing the products. Also, this can be helpful for client interviews/brainstorming.

Closing thoughts

This way, you can use this simple user tests creation wool with ease. Without actually signing in, you can create a simple UI test for your website or web apps and analyze the results of those tests. It is a great tool for UX designers and testers to get kind of feedback for different people. So if you are looking for a free tool like the one I have mentioned here then you can give this a try.

Try OnceClickTest from here

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