iPhone Puzzle Game to Guess Things Realted with 90’s Era

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Guess The 90’s is a free iPhone puzzle game in which you have to guess the name of various objects related with 90’s era. The game provides you with a picture of the thing and you have to identify its name.

Most of us have spent our childhood in the 90’s when there were no smart phones, no tablets, no super fast internet, no Facebook, none of the things that we use today and I guess, you must be missing all those 90’s things like TV shows, jellies, card games, toys, etc. This game is an attempt to relive those golden moments by playing a simple game of guessing pictures.

The game also syncs with your Facebook account so that you can share the game with your friends.

Puzzle Game Home Screen

Playing This iPhone Puzzle Game:

If you want to install this game, then you can do so by going to iTunes App Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. The game play of the game is very simple. The game displays a picture to you which depicts anything related to 90’s. It can be anything like any TV Shows, Food Items, Toys, Instrument, but the bottom line is that it will be related to 90’s only. Below the image, you will find a few boxes which will be equal to the number of alphabets of the thing shown in the picture along with list of alphabets which might be used in the name of the thing.

Playing The Quiz

Tap on the alphabets from the list which you think is present in the correct name of the thing shown in the picture. If you have guessed the right name, then you will receive gold coins. These gold coins can be used to use a hint when you find it difficult to guess the correct name. There are 3 types of hints available: Expose A Letter, Remove Letters, and Solve The Question. You can use any hint but you should have minimum number of gold coins required to use the hint. One more option that this game offers, is that you can ask for the answer from your friends via Facebook.

Getting Coins

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Final Verdict:

Guess The 90’s is a good game to relive golden memories of your childhood that you spent in the 90’s. The only trick that can make this game both interesting and boring is your Memory. The more you can remember the things, it will become interesting but if you can’t, then I guess you might not like it. Try out this game to check how well you remember the 90’s.

Get the Guess The 90s puzzle game from here.

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