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Interestingness for Flickr Free is an iPad app to view interesting photos from Flickr. The app displays 500 interesting photos and videos everyday from Flickr. You can also go back to any of the earlier days to see interesting photos and videos. The app also displays info about each of the photo and video displayed. It shows number of views, name of uploader, and name of photo. You can also choose to see any image as a slideshow. It means that you will see the image moving from left to right in slow motion.

Apart from these, you can choose to add any photo to Favorites, view who favorited it, add to gallery, view photo gallery, and view photo tags. You can view comments posted by others and also post your comment using your Flickr account. If any of the photo has its location setting enabled, then you can also view it on the map. The app also lets you view any photo directly on Flickr website along with option for sharing and saving it to camera roll.

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Using This iPad App To View Interesting Photos from Flickr:

You can choose to login with your Flickr account for using the app but its not a compulsion. You can also ignore it as sign-in is required only if you want to make a comment otherwise, you can use all other options even without signing-in. When you will launch the app, you will see the 500 interesting photos and videos of the current day. You can look for the date at top while you can go to previous days by tapping on the arrow.

You can change the default view style of the interface from the options present at bottom: Map, Thumbnail Properties, Select/Unselect.

  • Map: This option lets you view photos on map but it displays only those which have their location enabled. Hence, number of photos may vary day to day. You can choose from: Map, Hybrid, and Satellite.

    Map View

  • Thumbnail Properties: It lets you change the way thumbnail appears in the app. You can adjust Thumbnail Size, Thumbnail Layout, and Thumbnail Info. If you have enabled Thumbnail Info, then app will show you image uploader’s name, number of views, image name, etc..

    Thumbnail Properties

  • Select/Unselect: If you want to select multiple photos to save them at once, then you need to use this option. Now, simply tap on the photos for selecting them.

    Selecting Photos

These were the options regarding the main interface of app. To view any image in enlarged view, tap on any of the images. On tapping any of the image, you will see its enlarged view with a list of options on right side. These options let you perform various actions on the image.

Enalrged Image Options

These options are:

  • Slideshow: Tap to play slideshow of the selected image. This slideshow lets you see image moving from left to right side in a slow manner.
  • Add: Use this option to add image to Favorites, View who Favorited, Add to Gallery, View Photo’s Gallery, and View Photo Tags.
  • Comments: Check comments posted by users on photo selected by you using this option. You can also post comments but you need to sign-in to your Flickr account. You can do so from Settings option on app’s home screen.
  • Share: Share photo with your friends via email, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Sina Weibo, and Tencent Weibo.
  • Save: Save photo to your iPad.
  • URL: Open image on Flickr website’s URL.
  • Map: View photo on map if location is enabled.

These were all the options which you need to know and have to use for using the app easily.

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Final Verdict:

Interestingness for Flickr Free is a very good iPad app to view interesting photos from Flickr. This app really saves you from going through thousands of photos on Flickr. Just launch the app and check interesting photos from a single interface. The option for sharing and saving the photo makes this app even more useful.

Get Interestingness for Flickr Free here.

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