Best Real Time Solar Activity Tracker To View Solar Activity Today

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For us, the Sun is the prime source of energy and we see it as a huge ball of fire. But, there’s a lot going on in the Sun which we cannot perceive with our eyes. Thanks to all the scientific advancements, we are able keep a constant eye on things going on with the help of probes and satellites. These data are not just limited to scientists, but are available out there for us. Through several real time solar activity tracker websites, you can keep a check on our Sun. You can view solar activity today, and even for past days on these websites. These websites show you the ongoing spots on the Sun with activity, solar flare start, end, and peak time, and class/magnitude of flares. One of these websites also tells you estimated level of aurora that will be generated near Earth’s poles.

In the following article, we will get to know about various solar flare tracker websites and what they have to offer.

Here Are The Best Real Time Solar Activity Tracker Websites:

Aurora Service: Solar Activity Tracker

Solar Activity Tracker by Aurora Service, provides real time solar activity data on your screen. Aurora Service primarily provides aurora sighting to travelers and tourists, and is based in Scandinavia. So, tracking solar activity becomes a thing of concern. On their Solar Flare Tracker webpage, you can track solar flare spots with X-ray imaging or Angstrom imaging. You can view a list of last 5 solar flares with Start, Stop, and Peak time. Along with that, you can view Flare class and Sunspot number.

As the website is related to auroras, aurora forecasting, and estimated aurora level are also displayed. At the bottom of the webpage, you can view solar flare summary of last 24 hours along with forecast.

SpaceWeatherLive: Real Time Solar Activity

Real Time Solar Activity also provides solar flare data for free. If you want to find about the solar activity today, you can easily checkout the information here. The main image on the website displays high intensity diagram of sun with solar activity spots. You can also view solar spot magnitude. Another image on the webpage displays the solar flares along with solar flare activity of past two hours. Current solar value, maximum value of past 2 hours, and past 24 hours can also be viewed. On the right panel of the website, you can view today’s space weather information.


SolarHam is a dedicated real time solar activity tracker website. This place is for someone who is deep into tracking solar activity and flares. A rich set of data is provided here, which includes pictures, graphs, and numbers. You can view solar spots on the two images available on the top right corner of website. Just below that, solar terrestrial data is available. You can view solar flare risk percentage and active solar flares. 3 day geomagnetic forecast is available as well. There are several graphs and images that you can view for current solar status. You can also get a hold of latest news, reports, and forecasts related to solar activity.


SolarMonitoring is the best place to go if you quickly want to know about the solar activity today. As you open this website, you will view 6 different projections of the sun. In these projections, you can easily find solar spots and solar flares around sun. There are 4 tabs, in which you can view the imagery of main side of sun, far side of sun, SDO short wave, and SDO long wave.

As you scroll down, you can view info regarding active and recent solar spots. You can also view class of spot, sunpost area, and number of spots, etc.

Sun Flares

Sun Flares is a simple yet informative website to track solar activity online. Here, you can track current solar flare intensity on a time vs intensity graph. The guide to solar flare intensity is available right above the real time graph. If you want, you can also track solar intensity for past days.

There are various other solar and space based resources that you can access here.

Closing Words

There are various online solar activity tracker websites available online, but these the best ones that will help you out easily. These websites will inform you about past, present, and upcoming solar activity.

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