How To Create Twitter Bot Without Coding?

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In this article, I will cover 2 websites to create Twitter bots without coding. Generally, to create a Twitter bot, you need coding skills along with a server to deploy that. These websites take care of all that. They let you create Twitter bots in plain English to automate various tasks on Twitter. You can create a bot to auto-reply to tweets of a certain topic, send DM to new followers, retweet, follow, etc.

In order to activate the bots on your Twitter, you have to connect them with your Twitter account. To do that, you need API and Token info. Here is a simple guide to get API and Token info for the bots. Follow this guide to create a Twitter app and get the info. While creating a token, make sure you set the permission to Read, Write, and Access to DM. This is important, otherwise, the bot won’t work.

twitter bot for auto reply

Once you have the API and Token keys, you create your Twitter bot using any of the following websites:

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Create Twitter Bot Without Coding:

Digital Inspiration

twitter bot without coding

Digital Inspiration offers various tools to automate tasks online. It has dozens of GSuite add-ons that help to be more productive while saving time. This website has Twitter bots that allow you to easily create your own bots to perform various tasks on Twitter. As a free user, you are limited to 1 bot only.

The process of creating the boot is straightforward. All you have to do is enter the API and Token info in the bot and define an action. The bot can perform three types of actions:

Tweet Search

  • Send Public Reply
  • Send Private DM
  • Retweet Tweet
  • Quote Tweet
  • Follow Tweeter (user)
  • Add Tweeter to List

Profile Search

  • Follow Profile
  • Add Profile to List


  • Follow Back
  • DM Followers
  • Add Follower to List

Type the trigger keyword in the bot and select an action. Depending on the selection action, it gives you a filed to add a custom message; for replies and DMs. After adding all the information, you can check whether the bot is working or not. This shows you the tweets/profiles that the bot fetches based on the trigger. Last, but not least, you can also set a time for the bot. You can define a time frame for the bot; the bot will be activated during that time only. I found very convenient than manually activate/deactivate the bot.

Create Twitter bots without coding here.


create twitter bot

Tinybot is a free web application that lets you create Twitter bots without coding. You can use this app by logging in with Twitter. The app is fairly simple to use with a neat and clean interface. It has two sections; bots and settings. the bots section is where you can create multiple bots to automate different tasks on Twitter.

To create a bot, simply name the bot, add a description and define the trigger word. Then, you select an action and type a custom message for reply/DM. After adding all the information, click Submit and your bot is ready. Now, to connect it with your Twitter, copy paste your API and Token info in the settings section.

Right now, Tinybot actions are limited to reply to certain topics only. But, here is the set of tasks that you Tinybot (would) support:

  • Reply to tweet with certain topics (available)
  • Retweet about certain topics (coming soon)
  • Follow (coming soon)
  • DM new followers (coming soon)

Make Twitter bot with Tinybot here.

Closing Words:

These are the 2 websites where you can create Twitter bots without coding to automate Twitter tasks. Digital Inspiration provides multiple actions but only offer 1 free bot. Whereas, Tinybot does let you create multiple bots but offers one action only with more coming soon.

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