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Here are 2 free Markdown slide generator software for Windows. These software help you turn your Markdown file to a beautiful presentation, just like you create some PPT using Microsoft PowerPoint. You just need to add “—” in different lines in your Markdown file. These three horizontal lines or dashes work as a new page or slide for the output presentation.

Both of these software work differently. While the first software lets you create as well as edit a Markdown file, the second software needs Command Prompt window to create Markdown slide. Some other features like preview the output slide side by side, change interface theme of software, etc., are also available to use.

Let’s check these free Markdown slide generator software one by one.


Marp- interface

Marp is one of the best options for generating slides using Markdown. It has a user-friendly interface. As you can see in the above screenshot, the interface of this software has two parts. On the left of the page you can write in Markdown formatting and towards the right you can see the slides. You can also change view mode to slide list using the available option. Slide list mode shows all the slides. So, instead of previewing the current slide at a time, you can use slide list mode to preview all the slides.

When your slides are ready and you’ve previewed them, you can save all the slides as *.md file. Or else, you can also save slides as PDF file. Other than these features, it has other options also. You can change the default theme, open recent files, open a text file and edit it, etc. All these features make it an interesting Markdown slide generator software.


Markdown-to-slides command line software

Markdown-to-slides (Homepage) is also a good Markdown slide generator software. It doesn’t let you create a Markdown file or edit a Markdown file. Instead, it turns your Markdown file into a handy HTML file which contains your Markdown file content as beautiful slides. So, you need a Markdown file ready to use and then you can use this software. Before proceeding, do note that:

  • It is a command line software.
  • Node.js is required to use this software.
  • Keep Markdown file in the same location where Command Prompt window is available (usually it’s C drive).

So, first, install Node.js on your PC. After that, run command prompt window as administrative. Paste and execute the following command: npm install markdown-to-slides -g

It will install this command line software. Now again execute a new command. This time the new command will generate a Markdown slide. The command would be: markdown-to-slides -d Markdown file -o outfile.html

Execute the command and HTML file will be created which can be used as Markdown slide.

We’ve also covered collaborative Markdown editors for you.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list which has two very useful Markdown slide generator software. For me, the first software is better than the second software. It has user-friendly interface, lets you preview Markdown slide side by side on its interface, and provides the feature to export Markdown slide as PDF or Markdown file. The second software is also quite good and easy to use. Just one command is needed to get Markdown slide.

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