4 Best Free Mandelbrot Fractal Generator Software For Windows

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Here are some of the best free Mandelbrot Fractal Generator Software for Windows. These software let you generate Mandelbrot Fractals, right on your PC. You get customization options with these software using which, you can generated Mandelbrot fractals of your choice. By changing parameters, you can set the value of iterations, color palette, thread, etc. You can also save a generated fractal art to your PC if required.

Let us go through each of these Mandelbrot fractal software to figure out what they have to offer. You will be able to figure out which software is perfect for you. So, let us begin.

You might want to checkout these free websites to generate fractal art online.

Here Are The Best Mandelbrot Fractal Generator Software:

QuickMAN – Fast Mandelbrot Generator

QuickMAN – Fast Mandelbrot Generator is an open source Mandelbrot fractal art generator software. It lets you render amazing Mandelbrot fractal art in different types and colors. After creating a fractal art of your choice, you can even save it on your PC.

To get a fractal art of your choice, you can set the number of maximum iterations, set color palette, rendering, precision, algorithm, and threads. From the Next and Previous buttons, you can change the type of Mandelbrot fractal. You can zoom in and zoom out using the left and right buttons of your mouse, respectively. Use the navigation keys of your keyboard to pan the fractal image.

To save a fractal art as image, you can simply click on Save Image option. If you want, you can also set the image size according to your choice.

This Mandelbrot fractal generator software is available here.


Fraqtive is a 2D and 3D Mandelbrot fractal maker software. It renders Mandelbrot fractal design which you can convert into Julia fractal design by selecting Julia Parameters. You can set the zoom in factor, then zoom in and save the design to your PC. You also get options to change colors by manually selecting colors, or by applying color presets. There are options to set Calculation dept, Detail level, Image anti-aliasing, and even animate the art.

To save an art, simply zoom in to the art you want, then click the save image button. There are many other options that you’d find here.

Give this software a try here.


XaoS is another free fractal generator to generate Mandelbrot fractals. Here, you can generate Mandelbrot fractals of power up to 6 times. Apart from Mandelbrot, there are various other fractals that you can generate here. To give the fractal colors of your choice, there are many in-coloring modes and color palettes to choose from. You can also change the iteration numbers of fractals according to your choice. To zoom in to a generated fractal, use the left button of mouse, and to zoom out, use right button. There are various filters as well that can be used on fractals.

You will not find any option to save fractal as image; however, you can save one as animation or as an XPF file.

The software is available for download on Windows here.


Mandelbulber is a 3D fractal generator where you can generate 3D Mandelbrot fractal art. There are different types of 3D fractals that you can generate here in various color combinations. First of, you will have to select the fractal type. After that, you can set fractal parameters. All of this can be done from left panel of this software. When done, click on the Render button on the right panel. This will render the 3D fractal on the preview screen. To save a fractal art, go to the Image tab. There you get options to save the fractal as JPG, PNG, etc. This software is fun with all the 3D fractal options.

Get this software here.

Final Words

These were some of the best Mandelbrot fractal generator software for Windows, available for free. The best thing about these software is that they let you render 2D as well as 3D fractals.

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