3 Best Free ePub Creator Software for Windows

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Here are 3 best free ePub creator software for Windows. These software help you add cover for ePub file, add and edit metadata (author name, title, publisher name, date, tags, etc.), and then save or publish the content as ePub file. While other software can help you create an ePub file using DOC, PDF, DOCX, CBR, or other files, one software in this list lets you create an ePub file from the scratch.

Some unique features are also available in these free ePub maker software. For example, you can convert eBooks, generate the table of contents for ePub file, download cover and metadata information from Google or Amazon, view source code of ePub content, use formatting options like headings, increase decrease indent level, view eBook, add comments to ePub file, convert DOC to MOBI, and more.

Let’s start with the first free ePub creator software available on this list.


Sigli- interface

Sigil is probably the best free ePub creator software on this entire list. It is so because it lets you create an ePub file from the scratch, which is not provided by other free ePub creators. You can add multiple pages, add text, images, audio video files, etc. The left navigation pane helps you view the ePub content, images, fonts used, audio video files easily as there is a separate folder available for each item added to create the ePub file. You can also generate and view the table of contents on the right side of its interface. Options to add a cover (still image or animated GIF) and add and edit metadata are also available.

Apart from that, there are many formatting options to create a professional ePub file. You can align content to left, center, right, and justify, use headings (H1 to H6), create numbered and bullet lists, add subscript and superscript, special characters, insert ID or link in the selected text, increase and decrease the indent level of paragraph, use lowercase, titlecase, uppercase, make text bold, underline, strikethrough, and italic, etc.

Create the ePub book and then you can preview it in book view mode. The option to enable Code view is also present, which make this ePub maker software more useful.

When the book is ready, you can save/publish it as the ePub file on your PC.


calibre software

calibre is an all in one eBook creator, eBook management, and eBook converter software. Creating an ePub file with this software is also possible. It lets you change the cover for the ePub file, add metadata which includes title, author names, series, and serial number. What I like the most is you can use a PNG, SVG, BMP, ICO, JPG, or other supported formats as ePub cover. It also lets you download ePub book cover from Google and Amazon directly from its interface. If you don’t want to do that, then you can also use “Generate cover” option and the software will automatically present a cover with some random background color and name of the ePub file. Moreover, the feature to download ePub file metadata from Google or Amazon.com is also present, which is a unique feature not available in other free ePub creator software.
Additionally, it also comes with the feature to add tags, rating, Ids, published date, publisher name, date, and languages. Comments can also be added to the ePub file and there are different formatting options (bold, italic, underline, increase/decrease indentation, ordered list, unordered list, etc.), which make it a very good ePub creator.

To create an ePub file, you need to use Add Books option present on its interface and then add an eBook available in MOBI, PDF, HTML, CBR, CBZ, LIT, or other supported formats. After adding the file, use Edit Metadata option and then you can add details, as mentioned above, to your ePub file. Finally, you can save everything as the ePub file.

Read more about calibre here.

ePUBee Maker

ePUBee Maker software

ePUBee Maker is also a good choice to create ePUB files. It lets you add the cover image, metadata for the ePub file (add roles, title, language, author name, etc.), generate menus, and more. Once everything is set up, you can finally publish the content as the ePub file.

The software is quite good but it is helpful only when you have created and saved your ePub file as Microsoft Word format file. It is so because this software is installed as MS Word add-in. You need to open your Word file (DOC or DOCX), edit the file if necessary and use “ePUBee Maker” tab available in the Ribbon menu of MS Word. Access that tab and then click on Publish button. You can also click on EPUB option but it will directly convert your Word file to ePub file. If you want to add the cover image, set metadata, etc., then you have to click on Publish button. After clicking that button, a separate window will open where you will be able to add the cover image, metadata, roles, and other things, and finally, save all the data as an ePub file.

This software is compatible with MS Word 2016 and lower versions. If you prefer creating an ePub draft as Word file and then want to publish that draft as an ePub file, then this software can be given a try. You can also convert a Word file to MOBI and PDF file using it. So, the software has multiple features and that’s why I like it.

The Conclusion:

Creating an ePub file using any of these free software is quite easy. Still, I believe, the very first software “Sigil” is the best to create ePub files. The reason is even if you haven’t saved your ePub content as PDF or Word file, you are able to create a whole new ePub file. Additionally, you can preview the ePub content, its source code, use different formatting options, and more. The second best free ePub creator software is “calibre” as it supports a lot of eBook formats. You can import an eBook and then generate ePub format file using that particular eBook. Try these software and if you know about some other free ePub creator software you can share it using the Comments section.

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