Download Free Printable Silhouettes From These Free Websites

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The blog post covers free websites where you can download free printable silhouettes. The silhouette image is basically a dark image of a person or an object which can be seen against a light surface. You can easily find silhouette image vectors or templates online. But most of them are paid or require attribution.

In this article, I’m listing only those websites where you can discover printable silhouette images. The silhouette images can be found under several categories. You can browse silhouette images of fairy, animal, birds, and other objects. You can download the collection of silhouettes in PDF format.

A few of these websites are completely free. By saying free, I meant to say that you can use these silhouette images for your blog, websites, and other commercial use. But there are some online services that provide you free silhouette only for personal use. This is good too as you can use these printable silhouettes for your kids or students to teach several shapes.

So let me take you through those websites that offer printable silhouettes.

1. Super Coloring

download printable silhouette images

Super Coloring is one of the best websites to explore fun activities for kids. On this website, you can find a good collection of silhouettes, coloring pages for toddlers, adorable coloring books, activities like paper crafts, dot-to-dot, and puzzle games. You can then download the worksheets to take prints.

The site covers several categories for silhouette images. You can search for animals, nature, people, sports, plants, dance, music, characters, activities, religion, symbols, submarine, fidget spinner, and many more. Silhouettes are available in different colors which you can change as well.

In all these categories, you can get a good range of printable silhouettes. The site lets you print or download the silhouettes. Then, you can use for your commercial purpose under CC license. You may find silhouettes for free for commercial and personal use. You need to check the license before downloading the silhouette images.

2. Printable Paradise

download printable silhouette images

Printable Paradise is another website to download printable silhouettes. The site has several activities for kids including word scrambles, letters, word search puzzle games, and numbers activities.

To find silhouette images, you can go to the Animal category. The site offers you animal silhouettes only. There are several images available on this website. It includes Alligator, Bear, Camel, Deer, Elephant, Goat, Zebra, and others. You can browse and open the printable version to download the PDF of silhouettes.

3. Sclance

download printable silhouette images

Sclance is another website where you can find free printable silhouettes. The site helps you to browse a collection of silhouette images in variety.

You can search for the people, fairy, and other objects. The collection looks quite interesting. The silhouette images are in PNG format with high resolution. You can download these silhouettes and share on your blogs and social media platforms.

You can use silhouettes for personal use. In case want to use silhouettes on your website, you need to give attribution.

4. Clipart Library

download printable silhouette images

Clipart Library is a website where you find a good collection of silhouette images. The miscellaneous collection has a variety of silhouettes. You can download and use for your social media platforms and blogs. Silhouette images available on this website is not for commercial use.

Here, you can find silhouettes of animal, fairy, objects, people, etc. You can use the search bar to find the relevant silhouette image. Or, you can simply browse the mixed collection clicking the mentioned link. Then, you can open the image to view the image details. At his point, you can check the license and take prints or download the silhouettes.

5. Clip Art Queen

download printable silhouette images

Clip Art Queen is another website to explore some silhouette images. On this website, you will get animal silhouettes which you can use for free. Make sure, you’re using the images for web gallery and negative purpose.

Once you visit the website, it shows a list of silhouette clip art. There are animals like Deer, Wolf, Mouse, Beer, and others. You can also find the sketch image of these animals. The download button is located below each silhouette, you can click that and save the image to use.

In brief

If you were looking for free silhouette images then the above-mentioned websites will help you. You can browse the silhouette image under several categories. Make sure that you don’t forget to check the license before downloading each image. Although most of the silhouettes are free for personal use. You can use silhouettes images on your social media profiles as well.

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