2 Free Windows 10 Makeup Videos App to Learn Makeup Techniques

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Makeup is a essential part of getting ready in the morning for all girls. Be it a office going girl, a college going girl, or a model makeup brings in certain amount of confidence on your face. Makeup done right can enhance your look and make you feel like you are on cloud 9. Lot of women love to buy new makeup products for themselves, but seldom know how to use them correctly. Like I still struggle to identify which brush is used to do what. So some makeup tips would really come in handy at times. So I have this article which covers some Windows 10 apps which provide you makeup videos, to teach you or give you good tips about makeup in general.

The apps mentioned here are completely free to download. Let’s look at these free Windows 10 makeup video apps below.

Beautiful Makeup Videos

Beautiful Makeup Videos is a nice app with lots of video to learn about makeup techniques. When you launch the app you will see an interface like the one shown in the screenshot above. You can see that the makeup video have been divided into various regions like American makeup videos, Asian makeup videos, European makeup videos, Middle East makeup videos, and African makeup videos. Choose the category you want. After that all the video in that category will be listed as shown in the screenshot below.

You can browse through the videos and choose the one you want to watch. As soon as you click on the video name or thumbnail, the video will open in full screen and the video will start playing in the app window itself. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

You can play/pause the video in case you are putting makeup and watching the video at the same time. You can also reverse or forward the video as per your choice. After you are done watching you can go back and select a different video to watch. The videos include a lot of tips for makeup, along with knowledge about what brushes to use, what makeup products to use, etc.


FashionTutos is a nice app as they have lots of videos on makeup. The only drawback is ads. There are lost of distracting ads on the app and the home page looks cluttered. The menu on the left side shows you all the videos and tips the app has. You can straight away go to the makeup tutorials section. Under this section you will find a lot of videos listed, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Just click on any video and it will start playing in the app window itself. You can play, pause, reverse, and forward the video easily. You can also watch the video in full screen mode. The only reason I don’t recommend this app is because of way too many ads and the cluttered interface.


These are the 2 free apps I found in Windows 10 store which offer makeup video for free. Most of the makeup video apps were paid. A few free apps were not working or opening. These apps give you some nice makeup tips which you can use in your day to day makeup routine. You can improve upon your current makeup techniques through these videos. The first app in this list is the one you should try out first. So if you are a makeup lover and like to wear makeup on a daily basis then try out these video tutorial, you may end up learning a lot.

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