Automatically Update Drivers, Backup Drivers, Restore Drivers: SlimDrivers

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SlimDrivers is free Windows software that automatically updates hardware drivers. This is especially true if you have the need to manually update hardware that Windows Update doesn’t include. SlimDrivers uses a cloud based database to find latest version of all drivers installed on your computer, and lets you install them easily. It can also backup drivers, restore drivers, and automatically update drivers at scheduled time.

Before we go further, a few things I want to share: This application is still in beta at time of writing of this article. Though there are some good reviews of SlimDrivers [like here], but there are some people who have complained about erroneous behavior of SlimDrivers. Also, the application is free right now but it has been mentioned in forums that there will be a price for it later. My guess is once it comes out of beta, it will be priced. So, keep these factors in mind before deciding to download this. If you want to look out for other options, you can also try Free Driver update software, and Filehippo update checker.

How to Update System Drivers:

SlimDrivers comes with a nice wizard like interface that makes updating drivers extremely easy. Clicking the “Start Scan” button starts the process of scanning for updates for drivers to your system hardware. It then shows all the updates that it is able to find. You can then install all or selected driver updates to your computer. You might have to reboot your PC a few times if it is a requirement of a particular driver to restart PC after installation.


Other options that SlimDrivers provides is:

Backup System Drivers:

SlimDrivers lets you easily backup all your installed hardware drivers. It takes a snapshot of the drivers, and backs them up to your chosen folder.

Restore System Drivers:

SlimDrivers lets you restore system drivers from the backups that you might have created earlier. You can easily restore one or multiple system driver. This is especially helpful if some update messes up a system driver, and you want to revert back to a previous version. If you just want to backup and restore drivers, you can also try Driver Backup, and driver backup software.

Schedule Driver Updates:

As I mentioned earlier, SlimDrivers also lets you schedule driver updates so that SlimDrivers automatically looks for new versions of your installed drivers.

With SlimDrivers being free Windows software, it is easy to see why more people are enjoying this program. The interface is easy to use and understand. Scanning is easy and the list quickly populates in the window. Installation is also easy. Simply click on the drivers that you want to install, back up or restore and the option will be done. It is just that simple. Not everything is supported by Windows Update so this is a good program to have to take care of installed drivers.

Installation is easy. Simply double click on the download link to download the program. Once it is downloaded, double click again to launch the installer. After that is through, simply double click on the program icon to start the program. This program will be very useful for those that want more drivers than Windows Update will show.

Some of the features of SlimDrivers:

  • Scans for Drivers
  • Displays All Driver Information
  • Updates Drivers
  • Downloads Updates For Drivers
  • Restores Drivers
  • Backs Up Drivers
  • Schedules Driver Updates
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