Free Software To Password Protect Videos: GreenForce-Player

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In this article, we will discuss a Free Software To Password Protect Videos, named GreenForce-Player. GreenForce-Player is a free media player that has built-in functionality to password protect videos. You can set a password on your videos which will be required to play that video. It also has interesting security features, such as screenshot protection, adding an expiration date to video, allowing video to play only on specific machines, etc. This media player is not a full pack solution for media playback as it relies on additional codecs. But, it has usual media player features like CD/DVD player, playlists, subtitles, play from URL, etc.

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Free Software To Password Protect Videos: GreenForce-Player

GreenForce-Player requires codecs right out of the box, so make sure you install the codecs before using it. Upon startup, it suggests installing K-Lite Codec Pack which is also free; although, you can use other suitable codecs as well.

How To Password Protect Videos Using GreenForce-Player?

To add password protection, browse open your video in the player and select Protect video under DRM tab. Here, type the desired password twice, add password hint (optional) and click Save. The file will be saved in .GFP (GreenForce-Player) file format. To open this video, one should have GreenForce-Player installed on his/her computer along with the right codecs.

password protect videos

There is another method where you can skip GreenForce-Player requirement to open the protected video file. To do so, just below the Password options, check the Add player to the media file. This feature embeds the GreenForce-Player with the video and creates a Windows EXE file. This executable file will run on any Windows system and will play that video in embedded GreenForce-Player.

copy protection

Additional Security Measures:

Apart from password protection, this media player offers other additional security measures to further enhance the protection. These options are:

screenshot protection

Screenshot Protection:
Enabling this feature blocks anyone to take screenshots of your video. If someone tries to take a screenshot, the media player window turns black.

Expire Date:
You can set an expiration date for your video. After that date, no one will be able to access that video; even with a password.

Machine ID (Copy Protection):
Here, you can specify the unique machine ID of a computer and your video will open on that computer only.

You can use various pre-defined parameters to further limit the options. You can use parameters like,
/fullscreen – it will start the video in fullscreen.
/disablemenu- it will hide all the menus and options from the player’s interface, and more.

videos password protection

You can remove this video password protection. To do so, go to, DRM -> Remove Protection and enter the password. Anyone with video password can also do this.

Download GreenForce-Player here.

Final Verdict

Using GreenForce-Player you can password protect videos just by following a few simple steps. Additional security measures offered by this player comes handy, like, copy protection, screenshot protection, etc.

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