Summarize Articles using Google’s new SGE AI Tool for Free

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I wrote about Google’s upcoming generative AI tool to combat Bing Chat. Google is calling its generative AI, SGE and it now has one more tool on the list, that is article summarizer.

This new tool basically can be activated on any website and it will extract the key points from articles to make them short for you to understand. If you don’t want to read a long article then you can just quickly summarize it using Google SGE.

There is nothing you have to install or sign up for. If you are in United States then you can use this tool right inside the latest Google Chrome. A new icon is now available in the Chrome toolbar for this.

Alternatively, you can access it from Chrome’s menu as well. The Chrome toolbar is called “Google Search side panel” and if it is enabled for you then you can start using it on any blog or news websites out there.

Summarize Articles using Google's new SGE AI Tool for Free

How to Summarize Articles using Google’s new SGE AI Tool?

Google SGE for now is only available to people in the US. And if you are there then you can start using it right now. To see if you have access to Google SGE, just open Chrome and on the new tab page, you will see a flask like icon. Click on it and then see what features of SGE are available to you.

Google SGE Summarizer

Now, open any website or blog post. Click on the “G” icon in the toolbar.

Google Side panel button

Click Generate button and after a few seconds, you will see a side panel load and will show you the key points from the article. Basically, it generates summary of the article using AI. You can see some extra stuff there as well, such as related searches.

Google SGE Summary Generated

Now, you can do this on any website and in any article. Just 1 click and you will have the summary of the entire article in a few seconds. It is a very good tool for students and academic researchers to quickly understand some topics without spending a lot of time.

Wrap up…

Google SGE definitely has the potential to surpass the other article summarizers and maybe even the GPT-4 based Bing as well. Now, you don’t have to reply on external tools and services to summarize an article. Just call Google SGE and in a click, it will extract the key points that you can understand. And if you don’t see the “G” icon in the toolbar, then you can look it up in Chrome’s menu from the top right side.

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