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Typing Lessons is a Chrome  app which will help you to learn typing accurately. This typing app for Chrome will keep a track of your daily performance and also shows the number of errors. It is a comprehensive online typing tutorial app for beginners to learn typing or for those who want to improve their typing speed. It gives you proper directions to use, so a beginner  won’t have any problems in using it.

Below is a screenshot showing  how this Chrome typing app  looks like. There is the board where the words are shown which you need to type. Then the game board which shows the location of the words in the keyboard. Other than that, the speed and the error is shown continuously while typing which helps you keep a track of the mistakes.

Typing Lessons Interface

How To Use This Typing Tutorial App for Chrome:

The interface of this app is visually appealing as you would have seen in the screenshot above. You would have seen the text which appears in the screen, they can be customized also. You can choose from Random text, Custom text, or imported website/blog. It is self explanatory. Random text would appear which won’t be proper words because that would defy the purpose of learning typing. In custom text you can write your own words or can copy from the web and paste it. And under imported website or blog you can copy the URL,  data of that blog would appear and you can type that. Once the page opens all you need to do is choose language, the type of text. It would be paused at first. Clicking on the keyboard will activate it and your time to type would start! Once you have finished typing. You will see the performance highlighted in  green and red like in the screenshot below.


This is how the errors are highlighted on screen for you to get a better understanding of your performance. This comes once you are done with your typing. Features like this make this typing app fun to use. Also to keep you hooked, motivational messages also come at the end.

Features Of Typing Lessons App for Chrome:

  • It is an easy to use  app.
  • Detailed directions are given on how to type. So there won’t be any problem using it.
  • It shows the typing speed and also the number of errors committed.
  • The interface is quite interesting and visually appealing.
  • You can choose the language you want the texts in such as German, Spanish, Italian etc.
  • Under tutorials, there are 3 levels which you can choose from.
  • The game board shows the words you type by highlighting them.
  • The chart button shows your performance until now as a graphical representation.
  • The game board also shows most frequently typed keys and the keys with errors by highlighting them. The correct ones are in green and the error ones are in red.This will appear once you click on the Key map option available on the right hand of the page.
  • You can also login with Facebook and Twitter and share the link and your performance to the users and followers respectively.

Refer to the link at the end of the article to install the app or go to Chrome  webstore. Add the app and start your tutorials today! You can also have a look at a similar app reviewed by us: AutoTyping IM .


Typing lesson is an attractive and addictive  application for Chrome which would help you improve your typing accuracy and speed. If your job pertains to a lot of typing, or you just want to improve your typing speed all you have to do is install this wonderful app which will surely keep you hooked in.

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