Free Email Addresses Finder for GitHub Users and Repository Pages

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GitHub Email Hunter lets you find email addresses of GitHub users and repository pages. It can help you find email of users who haven’t made it public, and you really want to contact them. Not only a GitHub user but if you use it onĀ  repository page then it will show you emails of the associated contributors as well. It works in a single click without any sign up or anything like that.

Usually, programmers and developers leave their email address right on their profile. But sometimes some devs don’t do that and in case, you really want to contact someone so bad then this extension will come in handy. It scans the profile opened on the current page and finds you the email address of the user instantly.

We have covered similar tools for GitHub before, but here this one here is an enhanced version of those tools. Here it not only works on GitHub profile but repository pages to find you bulk addresses that you can use for support.

Free Email Addresses Finder for GitHub Users and Repository Pages

Just go ahead and install this extension from Chrome Web Store and then start using it. I have already mentioned that there is no sign up or registration needed, so just start finding emails though right away.

Open a profile page that has email address missing. Next, you just click on the toolbar icon of the extension, and it will start looking for the email address and when it finds it, you can simply copy it and then do whatever you want.

GitHub email Hunter Profile

Similarly, you can invoke this extension on a GitHub repository page, and then you can see all the emails that it could find there, which you can just copy to the clipboard.

GitHub email Hunter repository

This is how you can find email addresses on GitHub user profile and repository page. Just activate this extension, and it will take care of the rest.

Final words:

If you are a GitHub user and often find yourself struggling in finding emails of developers, then the extension here will come in handy. It works on Chrome and all the Chromium based browsers such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc. Just add it to the browser and use it on any GitHub repository to hunt for email addresses.

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